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A day in the life.

I think it's always interesting to read "Day in the Life" posts from others, so last Friday I tried to do my best and show you a day in the life of us!
Work days (Mon-Fri) are pretty much the same around here.  I try to wake up between 5:30-5:50 and shower, get dressed, put on make up, do my hair and try to get the car turned on to warm up before the boys are up.  Then I get them up, and let them warm up/wake up while Cal drinks a bottle and I change him.  Chandler goes potty, we try to brush teeth and then we're out the door!
On this day, I was feeling a little tired (I'd been at a dairy princess judging event the night before until late) and so my alarm went off at 5:20....but I snoozed and didn't roll out of bed until 5:47.  ;) 
Some people may drink coffee in the morning, but my first beverage of choice will always be an ice cold crisp Diet Pepsi!  :)

Showered & dressed, I threw on my Fitbit (I'm really trying to walk 12-15k steps per day so I m…

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