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Bubbles & sunshine.

I feel like a broken record sometimes; but if a broken record sounds thankful & appreciative then I'll be that all day long.  I am just enjoying these days with my family and I feel like right now we have a good balance of working hard, and then playing hard.

Clint, Morgan & Tyler bred for five different ranches this weekend in seven different locations. The boys & I helped at 5 different locations and I learned that I can thaw straws and watch the boys; but I can't do those two things and take a lot of pictures.  I did take a few on Clint's phone at the very end of the last day at Krebs' so I'll try to post those later this week when I have a chance to transfer them.

The mornings this weekend were all spent AI'ing, and then the boys & I took care of errands & played at home in the afternoons.  It was a really nice balance and made the weekend a lot of fun.  Sometime this weekend when we were in town running errands (is it bad that I've…

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