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Life lately.

It's 8:06 pm on a Tuesday as I start to type this post.  The boys are freshly bathed, and in jammies watching an episode of Blaze while they wind down with milk.  Clint left a bit ago to run up to Tri-Cities to pick up some semen he needs to finish a shipment tomorrow to a customer, and I'm typing in the office as I glance out the window at the twinkling solar lights that line the front of our house.
Life has been busy - but not in a chaotic way.  Busy in a way where days are full, but not overstuffed and where we choose to spend time as a family versus time in front of a screen.  My blogging has been lacking, but life hasn't.  :)
We've been spending time at bull sales; cheering on friends, helping other friends buy genetics, and letting the boys get a healthy dose of playing on tractors and in the shavings.  Ryan & Amy had a great sale a week and a half ago that I got to help clerk (which is so fun for me!) and then we also spent last Saturday at 9 Mile where Jos…

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