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Weekend craziness & Nordstrom sale picks!

Happy Monday friends! Anyone else wake up like this??? Sweet Chan Man.  :)

We had a nice weekend as a family.  Friday was low key; it was my day off so we played a little bit outside until it got hot and then took our party inside.  Temperatures were 103-106* most of the afternoon so we broke out every inside toy we had.

Chandler was excited to watch the tractors driving around on the farm next door to us.  :)

 Cal is officially in the "get into everything" stage.

We played with a lot of dress up clothes all weekend - Chandler LOVES wearing this little racing suit.  He puts his little hand up in the air, makes a fist, and then runs circles around the house laughing.

Clint got home about 2:00 am Saturday morning after driving home from Missouri for Stan's funeral, and the boys were excited to see him when they woke up.  :)  We had breakfast at home (Chandler has this weird thing where he loves raw pancake batter, lol), and then the boys & I went into town to run a fe…

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