Friday, November 17, 2017

Simple Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Canvas Kids Craft

Chandler & Cal are at the age where I would like to do a few handprint crafts with them while they're little.  I love to decorate my house for fall, so I thought it'd be fun to make a Thanksgiving handprint craft.

These were super simple to make.

Crayola Washable Paint
Panels of canvas
Paint brush

Optional Supplies:
Blank Cards
Google Eyes
Construction Paper

First - mentally prepare yourself.  :)

This will be a bit messy, but the paint is washable so it all cleans up great.

I put out a melamine plate, and put a few dollops of primary colors on the plate.  I also had brown, but found that when the primary colors are applied to the child's hand, they naturally mix and you'll get shades of brown without actually having to use brown.

 I painted Chandler's hand in layers - on the lower part of his palm, I'd paint one color (like blue or green), then paint the top of his palm, then the lower third of his fingers a different color (like orange), then the middle of his fingers, and then the tips a bright color like red, blue or yellow.

You'll want to use quite a bit of paint so that the colors really transfer to the canvas.

Then I just held his hand out, and pressed it down on the canvas.  Hold it still, and lightly press all over including the palm.

I hadn't done anything like this before, so I practiced a few times with Chandler on construction paper to get the look I was going for. The construction paper also gave Chandler something to do while I was getting canvases ready.

The great thing is - you're using washable paints, so if you do the handprint on the canvas and don't like it....just wash it off with a damp washcloth or paper towel and start over.  The same goes for if your child reaches out to touch the canvas before you're ready and leaves a fingerprint or smudge....just wipe it away!   There really isn't a whole lot of risk here.

Chandler was having a great time, so we broke out a few blank notecards I had and did some handprints on those.  They just went in the mail with a quick "Happy Thanksgiving" note inside to family members.

Fun right?

(Later on, I added a little google eye on the thumb part, and called it a day.)

When you're done, just wash everything up and you have a cute craft to display!

Honestly, I was surprised how well Chandler (22 months) did with was not nearly as stressful as I thought it would be.

Just be sure to have a wet washcloth ready!

And remember - you're not painting the Mona Lisa. 
The whole point is to capture your child as that - a child. 
 It doesn't have to be perfect!


I also made the below a few days later with Chan....same concept, paint the hand in layers and press on the canvas in an arch.  Wait for the handprints to dry, then paint their hand or foot all brown and make the turkey's face and neck.  Glue a few google eyes on, and cut out a triangle construction paper beak and gobble and glue on and you're set!  I used spray glue for the face pieces, and a Sharpie to write the "Happy Thanksgiving", although I wish I would have traced it in pencil first.

I used the same Sharpie to write Chandler's name and the year on the side of the canvas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you Gobble 'Til You Wobble!


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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A list.

So I had full intentions of posting this weekend - I have pictures and some thoughts lined up, but it just hasn't happened.  So today - you get a list.  :)

Do what you can, with what you have - right?

1. I lost my office keys.  I won't name any names, but a sweet almost 2 year old was playing with them a week ago, and his distracted mama didn't watch where he put them.   I keep waiting for them to show up, but so far - nothing.  Luckily, our exterior office door has a keypad I can use to get in....but I need those keys to show up.


2. I've been baking lately,  I'm not a baker.  But Chandler comes running to get a step stool or chair when I go into the kitchen to do anything, so I've been trying to spend more time with him in the kitchen, and baking doesn't involve cooking over a stove (which is how I spend most of my time in the kitchen).  He is so darn cute, and I love that he gets so into it.  Grandma was here over the weekend, and so she helped us make pancakes Sunday. 

3. Cal has a cold.  Poor guy hasn't been feeling the greatest, but he's been a trooper and at least has been sleeping well.  The picture above on the left was taken Monday morning, and the one on the right last night.  Hopefully we can get him over that this week.

4.  Speaking of sleeping well, Chandler has not been.  I'm not sure what's up - I used to be able to give him a bottle, and lay him down in bed and he'd put himself to sleep.  For the last couple of nights, as soon as we walk into his bedroom he starts screaming/struggling/sobbing and won't stop.  I've tried letting him cry it out, I've tried adding a nightlight, I've tried feeding him more - and nothing has worked.  So he's slept with me the last two nights....

5. Because Clint is in California so there's plenty of room in our Cal King bed for him to sleep.  Chandler is a helicopter when he sleeps, and I normally don't let him sleep with us because it results in a foot in the face....but when Clint's gone it's a little different.

6. Mama is tired.  :)

7.  I got a new facewash.  I didn't really need one (I usually use these cloths from Costco) but I'd tried this Suki scrub as a sample and loved when Costco came out with it last week, I added it to my cart.  If you're not a Costco member, you can also get it at Target.  (affiliate link)

The cleanser is like magic.  It has the texture of a scrub in the jar, but as you mix it in your hands, it foams and goes on your face so nicely.  It exfoliates (but not too much) and leaves my skin so soft.   It's not the best at taking eye makeup off, so I usually remove that first and then use the cleanser.

8. I lost my Fitbit in our irrigation ditch this summer, and have really missed having a watch on my wrist.  But as you know, I'm cheap and so I've been waiting for what I want to come along at a reasonable price, and when I saw this Fossil watch at Costco, I jumped on it.  It came Tuesday and I LOVE it.  I need to size down a few links, but other than that - it is a great weight, water resistant and timeless.

9. The Hermiston FFA Alumni Auction went really well!  We raised about $28,000 last Saturday - which is amazing for one night!  I just love how our community supports youth, and agriculture.  It really is a neat thing to be a part of.  I only took a few pictures before we started setting up - but we had great help and the gym really looked nice by the time the auction started!

10. I read this post about being spread thin, and I really related to it this week. 


Since 10 is a nice number, I'm ending it at that.  Hope you are having a great week, and living the dream!  If you need me....and the boys are asleep....well, I probably will be too.  :)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up - Hot Mess Edition

I'll just be honest....
Half of the time this weekend I felt like I was killing it as a mom....and half of the time, I felt like a hot mess.

Ha ha!

I took Thursday off to watch all four of the kiddos, since Kelley was on vacation and we really had a good day.  Clint headed to a bull sale, and in the interim our dog Dot ran off.  (We found out she's been running off to the grade school....that dog, she'll be the death of me.)  So I loaded all four kids in car seats in the van to try to find her, and as soon as I had all the car seats in and kids loaded, guess who showed up?


That dog. Ugh.  So since we were all loaded, I said we're going to town for a treat. So mama got a coffee,  and the kids got a cinaball from Taco Bell.

I know, classy. And as we were sitting in the drive thru, Taylor informed me that she had to go to the bathroom.

So we paid for our purchase,  divied out the cinaballs and headed to find a bathroom. I knew the park had one, where I could watch the kids in th me car and help Tay, and when in Rome....or near the park....we hit the slides.

One small melt down later, we were buckled back in and headed home for lunch & naps.  And as littles were waking up, we figured out how to add filters on my cell phone camera.  Ummm...this is EXCELLENT "quiet" entertainment. I highly recommend. ;)

Friday I ran auction errands while Chandler helped Clint sort and pick up a few heifers to have Bangs vaccinated.

Saturday morning we got in a few snuggles, took a few pictures of the Funks and then spent the rest of the day at the Echo/Stanfield FFA auction.

 Sunday we enjoyed the time change and had a low key morning and then Chandler showed the world that he is his mother's son...

Look who loves himself a Diet Pepsi?!?


The Hermiston FFA Alumni Auction is this Saturday so this will probably be my only post this week.....once it's over, life will calm down.  I enjoy volunteering....but early November is always nuts.

So if you need me, I'll be over here trying to be like a duck....calm on the surface and paddling like crazy underneath.

Happy Tuesday friends - live the dream!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fall & A Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE cool weather.  I often say - "I just need to find a place where it's 60-70* degrees all year around."  Because I would totally live there.  :)

Now I don't think that place exists....but I'll keep looking. ;)

Brisk mornings, a day when you can keep a sweatshirt on and not get hot, and a light breeze are my jam.  And this fall in Eastern Oregon has not disappointed!

The trees at our house have been gorgeous!  Although some of the evergreens are turning colors because I think they're dying, maybe?  Oh well.  It's all pretty and I'm hoping the leaves stay on for a few more weeks until we do family pictures.

The boys had a great Halloween!

Chandler's babysitter has this week off - Hi Kelley!  Hope you're having a great vacation! - so they had their Halloween party on the 26th.  My mom made Jory & Chandler "Bam Bam & Pebbles" costumes from the Flintstones, and they were too adorable!

 I think they had a pretty good time at their party!

Thank you Kelley for all you do - we sure appreciate you & your girls!

Clint was headed to help Ryan gather cows in Wallowa that day, so he had to make sure to get a picture with Chan in the morning before he left since he was gone for a few days.

Since Kelley was off this week, Kyle, Trav, Clint & I split up watching the kids so we all didn't have to take as many days off of work. Trav watched them all today and I think it's very safe to say Chandler loved their pony. :)

  I left early Tuesday and we headed out to trick or treat a few friends.  Chandler wore his "Firefighter" costume from Costco.  His uncle Shawn is a firefighter for the city of Eugene, and his uncle Henry is a volunteer firefighter for Dayton so we thought it'd be fun for him to dress up as one.

We went to Terry and Anna's and look who also stopped by to trick or treat. :)

I just love that our boys & the Carnine kids will have so many memories growing up. :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Hope you got more treats than tricks. ;)