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Stanfield Night Out.

We spent Tuesday night at Bard Park, where Stanfield Police hosted their local "National Night Out" event.  They had a BBQ, raffle prizes and kids got to play on the new playground. 
It was a lot of fun just to let the kids play, and enjoy the community spirit.

They also hosted a bike rodeo for the kids, and gave away free helmets beforehand.  We didn't stay for the rodeo (it was close to 8:30 pm when we left) but it looked like a lot of fun for the little kids!

Our kids LOVED getting a new helmet - Chan slept with his that night; and it took some negotiating to get him to take it off before his bath.  I love that they enjoy wearing one; now we just need to get him a bicycle.  (He only has a little trike.) 
I'm trying to figure out if I should get him a balance bike, or go straight to a bike with training wheels?  He's 2 1/2, but weighs 40 pounds and is strong enough to peddle....but not sure if he's coordinated enough to yet.  If you have any recommendati…

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