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Life lately - 7 things.

When your momma asks you to check calves early in the morning and you just want to watch "Choo Choo's" in the warm van. Happy Monday!  We had a nice little weekend at home (Clint has been in Idaho and California breeding heifers) so we're holding down the home front.  With nothing major going on, I thought I'd just post a random list of life lately.  :) 1. New haircuts.
It's hard to get a picture of the boys standing still, but they got new haircuts last weekend and I think they look so cute!  Kyle recommended Great Clips here in town, and they did a really nice job.  I love that my mom can cut their hair, and that I also have a backup here in town. #2. Jory Jean

We had Jo Jo over to play one evening and the boys were so thrilled! #3. Fall at Home Depot. 
One would think it'd be easier to get a picture of both of my boys standing still and looking....but I haven't figured out that secret yet. #4.  Hannah's Wedding 

We sure loved celebrating Hannah &…

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