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Parks, Parades & Pink Patched Heifers.

Last weekend was all about P's I guess.  :) Last Friday was my last Friday off before I started my new job at NWFCS, and Clint was up judging a fair so the boys and I took it easy and just enjoyed the day. We ran a few errands and then spent time at the park.

Clint's dad flew out from Nebraska to visit for the week, so we picked him up Friday night from the airport.  The boys were excited to see their Poppa! Saturday morning he & Clint headed to Klamath Falls, and I headed into the parade with the boys.  We helped with the NWFCS float, and then hopped in the van and headed to meet Clint.

Throwing candy is HARD work!  :) I love the sucker hanging out of Cal's mouth at the end....sweet boy. On our way to Klamath, we stopped for a break in Redmond at Sonic, which is a favorite!
Four dollars later, we all had a potty break, the boys had a snack and we all had a drink and were headed south. We woke up to beautiful weather the next morning, and pink patched heifers.  Can'…

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