Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up.

It's 8:14 pm on Sunday night as I start to type this...and even though it was a three day weekend for myself, it seemed to fly by.
Friday, Clint had a surgery in the morning and so I dropped him off at the hospital, took the boys to daycare and then went back to sit with him.  His was just a routine deal, and when a child went ahead of him in the surgery line up we knew it'd be a bit so I ran home and watered the cows and took patches & GnRH over to Double M.

It was frosty on Friday!  But luckily Clint had everything set up for me, and the hoses were thawed in the water trough ready to be hooked up so that didn't take any time at all.
Clint's surgery went well, and by noon he was home and resting.  I tried to get a few things done around the house and then went to pick up the boys.  We ran a few errands in town (to let Clint have some quiet at home) and then went home for a quiet dinner.
Saturday, the boys were up EARLY.  Lol - it's hard to tell a 5 month old and almost 2 year old that they don't have to wake up at 4:20 am on the weekend.  ;)  We hung out, made a good breakfast, and then I ran over to take pictures of a family before the boys and I went to Pendleton for the UCCA meeting.   We enjoyed having lunch with that group, and then ran out to Pilot Rock to pick up Clint who had driven in with Ruben to get set up to AI heifers for Broken Spur.
We hadn't made plans to go to the UCCA Ball, since Clint didn't think he'd be up for it - but he was feeling good enough Saturday night that he went in and I stayed home.  I hadn't lined up a sitter for the boys, and we could have gone (I would have liked to) - but chasing after them just didn't sound fun for me, and since I'd seen everyone at lunch, I stayed home and Clint went in.
The boys and I ate a quick dinner (steamed broccoli & Mac & Cheese - fancy I know ;) )  and then we did baths early and loaded up to go look at Christmas lights.

Sunday was a fun day in Chandler's book - he got to help drive Scoopy.  The cows needed more hay, so Clint took care of that when he got home from AI'ing and then we took the boys into town to see Santa Claus.

They both did well, but were sleepy from naps (or needing a nap in Chandler's case) and so while we didn't get big grins - I think we got happy boys.  And that's a win in my book.  When we got home, I tried to take a few pictures of them in their outfits, but herding cats might have been easier. :)

The rest of the night was pretty low key.  Clint ran back out to Pilot Rock to breed and I put the boys down early, and got chores done around the house. 
I may be having a bit of envy seeing everyone's pictures at the NFR, and memories pop up on Facebook (Clint & I got engaged Dec. 9 at the NFR in 2009) but our day will come again when we'll go and let the boys enjoy the rodeo too.  :)
Did you have a good weekend? 
Hope you're living the dream!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Simple joys.

What if all it took in life to be happy; was a shovel and a sawdust pile?

The great thing is: we're surrounded by people who are happy with simple things like that!

Last weekend, we were at the Lulay's taking pictures and they had this huge sawdust pile under cover Chan got to play in with their boys.  Thank you Adrienne & Paul - Chandler was in heaven!  All the way down their driveway as we left, Chandler kept saying "Thank you! Bye! Thank you!".

I love that we are surrounded by people and kids who can see the joy in simple things.

I hope this holiday season finds you in the same boat - able to find joy with family and friends, and enjoying simple things that create happiness. You may not have a sawdust pile (sadly for Chandler, we don't), but I bet you have other things right under your nose that you can do with your family.  

A few ideas....

- Taking baths early, and jumping back in the car to drive around looking at Christmas lights in your jammies. Maybe with a yummy drink.

- Letting your kids decorate the tree, and not worrying about what it looks like but enjoying their delight in the process.

- Spending time as a family in a live nativity.

- Finding a way to be present with someone, instead of gifting them a present.

Merry Christmas friends!

Enjoy the simple things....and I hope Santa brings you a "sawdust pile".

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Real Life Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday friends!

I wanted to start a series where I shared "real life".  What we're really doing, what we're really wearing, things we're really using, or things we're really failing at.  ;)
So to kick things off, I thought I'd share a few work wear outfits this week - nothing super fancy, but some basic pieces that are comfortable to wear to work and professional enough for my office setting.
I work with farmers in an office setting, where jeans are appropriate - but I prefer to wear an outfit that's a step dressier.  So I don't know that I'd call my style "business casual" but it's a small step above "casual".  :) 

I also personally own and have purchased myself all of the items below, unless there is a "similar" next to it - then the piece I own is no longer available, and I'm linking to something similar enough that if I didn't already own that piece, I'd buy the one I'm linking to.  Sound good?
First up - I got two new cardigans this week from Nordstrom, and I especially love the Halogen Long Open Front Cardigan!  It is super soft, long enough to cover everything and it skims the backside. ;)
I need all of the skimming I can get right now, lol.


Sometimes you just need an item that makes you feel good - and this cardigan does it.  So much so, that I just ordered a second one in the "Green Gable" color yesterday.  I think it will work with grays & blacks for work, and then on the weekend I think it will look really pulled together while remaining comfortable while I'm out and about running errands with my favorite jeans, my favorite white tee & my super affordable leopard flats!

I can't wait for this to arrive!  Merry Christmas a little early to me.  ;)


Another quick & comfortable outfit I wore this week was just a scarf, my favorite Kendra Scott Elle earrings (I have them in four colors!), a cute LuLaRoe top (check out my friend Kati's page - she has GREAT inventory), a pair of ponte pants and my favorite boots.

Sometimes I buy leggings, but for work I prefer ponte pants.  They are thicker, and have texture so I feel like they're a little dressier for work.  The bonus is because they're thicker, they provide more coverage and you don't have to worry about any "see thru issues".   They stay up well, and I wear them like leggings - making sure I wear a top that hits high on the thigh and usually with a pair of boots.
Speaking of boots - for my friends with wide calves - I have tried A LOT of wide calf boots on, and Naturalizer boots not only zip every time but the leather is beautiful, and you can stand in them all day long.

I've owned 3 pairs over probably four years - I wear them almost daily in the winter, I love them that much.  They're totally a boot I buy every year - the price per wear has been well worth it!


What are some items that you're wearing lately that make you feel great?

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Over the hills, to Grandma's...

It's the Santa picture every mom dreams of.


We spent the weekend at the valley, with my mom. Clint was wrapping up AI projects in California, and a few friends had asked if I'd take their family picture so we made the trip over.

As I came into my mom's town Friday night there was a huge flashing road construction sign advertising pictures with Santa at the fire department. 

We were all in.

And then we saw the line, haha. 

I guess I'm on the East side of the state, our local photo shop does pictures with Santa, and the most you might wait in line is 10 minutes....and that'd be a long wait. Usually you just walk in, they get the picture and away you go.

So Grandma took one for the team, and stayed in line with Cal while I took Chan around to look at the fire trucks.

An hour and a half later, we were towards the front of the line when the wheels started coming off of the bus. ;) Chan needed lunch and a nap, but we'd paid and made it happen.  I got in one, just so he'd actually look at the camera.

Notice the "mom arm" keeping him up on the fire truck and in the picture....instead of slithering away from Santa! ;)

Poor Chan man.  But he was also totally fine once he was off of the truck, away from Santa and in mama's arms.  :)

Then we dropped Grandma off and headed to Salem to have lunch with a few OSU friends.  It was great to see Karen and Kathy, and Chandler had a ball playing in the McD's play area.

I wanted to sneak in this picture too - when we first went to the fire station that morning, we couldn't even find a parking spot and both boys had just drifted off to sleep, so we ran into Newberg and went by my old high school.  It's changed a little, but is still good old NHS - Go Tigers!

If only I were as skinny in this picture as I was in high school!

After lunch in Salem, we met up with Jo and did her family pictures, and then headed back to my mom's for dinner with Lindsay and Henry.

Sunday I did a few more pictures for friends (I'll post later, after Christmas cards are out :) ) and then we headed home!

Cal was ready to be kids travel well, but Cal was having a tough night Sunday so we stopped a lot.  Like at every rest stop, and park between The Dalles and Hermiston.

That's right - Celilo, Rufus, Arlington & Boardman.

Just one of those things you do as a mom. :)

How about you - did you have a good weekend? Any good Santa picture stories?

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Home with Hand, Foot & Mouth

Hand, foot & mouth....

It's like the 2017 version of chicken pox, but without the itching. 

Chandler didn't feel well last Friday, but only had a fever and wouldn't eat. He was still fussy part of Saturday, but I chalked it up to Clint leaving for California and a lot of activity since we'd celebrated Thanksgiving with my family that day. Later that afternoon though, the bumps showed up and I was pretty sure he had HF&M.

When I called Clint to tell him, he asked urgently "Where did he get that?!?".

For those not in the cattle business, there's a really serious disease called Foot & Mouth in cattle that is not zoonotic to people.  When there is a Foot & Mouth outbreak, borders close, exports's a pretty big deal economically. 

Luckily, Hand Foot & Mouth isn't that serious and I explained that the two weren't the same thing to Clint. ;)   HF&M is really contagious so Chandler stayed home from daycare this week and since Clint's in California, I stayed home from work.  He felt better Sunday afternoon and didn't have a fever but he did have active sores so we tried to quarantine ourselves from little kids.  That meant we spent a lot of time at home, trying to entertain ourselves....

We've played, napped, ran errands, mailed Christmas cards, video called daddy, worked on auction wrap up and went to my office and picked up my laptop so I could address a few deadlines. 

As much as I hated that Chan didn't feel good last weekend, and the missed work time - I've also enjoyed the mini vacation.  We've had great weather this week, and it's been fun to see the sunrises, check cattle in the daylight, and let Chandler play outside.

We should be back to normal next week, and that will be good too. 

Hope you've all had a great week too....minus the bumps.  ;)