Friday, March 17, 2017

Bath time baby.

Chandler LOVES to take a bath.

Well - he pretty much loves water, in general.  And if it's running, and he can run his hands through it?  Even better.

We're planning on getting him a water table for Easter - if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Bath time is his favorite parts of the night, and I love that I have been able to put him in the "big" bath (regular bath tub vs his little green baby bath) in our new house.  He plays with his boats, a wash cloth and his favorite - a measuring cup for at least a half hour each night.

It's so fun to just hang out with him.  :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Checking in.

Just checking in - we are still alive and well!

Really well, in fact.


We're making progress at home - and have stopped calling it "the new house" and now just call it home. 

I think that's a success.

Chandler is sleeping much better through the night, and doesn't wake up sobbing.  Note - I didn't say he sleeps all the way through the night, each night - but that isn't related to the house, lol.  He's also sleeping in his crib - but in the picture below, Clint was gone one night at a bull sale in Baker, and I'd brought Chandler to bed with me since he'd had a tough night.  His eye teeth are coming in, and he had a cold - so he got to sleep with mama this night.  No complaints here.  :)

On the other hand, our washing machine does not like our new house.  It's decided that it only wants to work part of the time and not drain the rest of the time.  You can imagine how much I love this temperamental-ness!  Especially when I have sheets and towels and other laundry to do.  :)   We think the filter may be plugged, but I haven't figured out how to take the front cover off and Clint has been busy - so until then, I just keep resetting it - and sometimes it works.

And other times - my laundry sits in a pool of water for a day or so.


I started hanging pictures on the walls last weekend.   If the wall had an existing hole, I stuck a monkey hook in it and hung up a picture.  I figured I wasn't creating any new holes, so I'd see how I liked things, and then if I didn't like them - I wasn't creating any more work for myself and could start over.  I have a ways to go - but at least it's a start.

PS - If you haven't used Monkey Hooks before (or the generic brand of them) - you need to!  They are awesome.  And cheap.  And can be bought at almost any hardware store/Walmart/Home Depot type store.

The spring AI season has officially started for us!

 We went out to Ione last weekend to put CIDRs in a group of heifers - and I didn't get any pictures while we were putting them in, but I did after we were done and tearing down.  I've basically come to the realization that taking pictures like I used to just doesn't happen as easily when I'm trying to do a job and take care of Chandler. 

Other than that, we're just gearing up for a busy AI season, working on house stuff and enjoying time together as a family.  This really is a great season in our lives, and both Clint and I are thankful for it.

We don't take for granted the many blessings we have.

Oh - and Chandler has figured out how to hold a hamburger and eat it himself without making a huge mess.  This is awesome - because something tells me we'll be eating a few meals on the road in the next few months as we head out to help Clint AI.

He was so proud of himself!  :)


Hope all is well in your world - and that you're living the dream!

Now, if you'll excuse me - I'm off to try to talk my washer into working.  :)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend wrap up - New house edition.

I posted these on Facebook, but wanted to keep the blog updated too since I think I'll look back on that more than I will Facebook.  :)

This past weekend was the first full weekend in our new house, and our only big plans were to relax, make sure the cows stayed in and were fed, do laundry and if I could - get the bedroom set up.   Clint was in Montana with Ryan looking at bulls, so it was just Chandler & I to hold down the fort.

We took Clint's AI wagon outside with us to do chores - my big stroller is still at the old house (not sure why, just one of those things I haven't moved, lol) and this worked perfectly to pull Chandler in since he still isn't walking and I needed two hands to throw hay.  He had a BLAST in it - and if I was away from him, he'd stand up and point at me.  I'm sure he was managing me very well in his mind.  ;)

 Pre morning nap time called for a little block time at Chandler's new Ikea table.

The Hunter brothers are doing our inside contract work, and finished up our floors late last week.  They were coming today to install our closet system so while I couldn't move our clothes, I could move just about everything else in to our bedroom/pantry/laundry room, which have been the last rooms for them to finish. 

My goal this weekend was to get most of our furniture situated where I want it, and then I'll start hanging pictures and d├ęcor in the coming weeks.  And replace all of the window treatments....which I think will be harder done than said, yikes.  I thought at first they were on a rod, but this weekend realized they're full valances stapled to boards that are screwed into the walls - so I'm not sure what the wall repair is going to be if I pull them down to replace.  Oufta.

I'll say this - I love our flooring! We purchased vinyl plank flooring from Costco, which means it was REALLY reasonable (like I got it on sale for $1.50/sq ft) but you only got one color choice.  This flooring is probably a little darker than I normally would have chosen, but I do think it matches our existing cabinets well, and goes with our current furniture.  (It's dark enough to show dust pretty easily, but that's why I have a Swiffer!)  And vinyl plank flooring is waterproof, and semi-scratch resistant so I think it will hold up to our lifestyle well.  We replaced 100% of the flooring in the house with the vinyl plank.

Getting the bedroom furniture moved in and set up....I need to find an extra fitted sheet to cover those box springs, but it wasn't exactly a first priority on the list.  :)

I know many of my pictures of Chandler are blurry - it's just this stage right now.  :)  He moves too fast, and isn't going to be slowed down by his mama asking for a picture.  :)  But he LOVED being able to crawl up on the bed before I made it for a few minutes!

We're taking things slowly and adjusting to the new house.  I was actually kind of surprised how hard Chandler took it - he usually is a "go with the flow" kind of baby, but this move was tough on him.  He's still not 100% comfortable sleeping in his new room (not sure why) but hopefully we'll get him to a point where he doesn't wake up sobbing from every nap and nighttime.  (Some nights he'll sleep all the way thru the night, but others he wakes up multiple times sobbing....poor guy.)  Until then, either I sleep in the guest bed in there with him, or we just bring him to bed with us midway thru the night.

And waking up in the morning, or from nap times usually require a few extra snuggles until he gets used to his surroundings....but you won't ever hear me complain about extra snuggles. 

Doing morning chores in our pj's - because that's what weekends are for!

So that was our weekend!  We're looking forward to a full week and the Rollin' Rock sale coming up.  My goal this week is to get our clothes hung in the closets once they're done being installed, and catching up on laundry.  Then we'll see where we're at and maybe start decorating.

We also need to start thinking about outside stuff, but that'll be a few weeks away.

Hoping you all had a great weekend too, and that you're living the dream! 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Chandler & Twist.

 Last Monday was blustery - and Chandler had just woken up from a nap - but we couldn't pass up an opportunity to put him up on Twist.

Clint had just finished riding through Rollin' Rock pens and Twist was saddled, so out we went.


We didn't stay out too long, since it was so windy - but just enough to get up in the saddle, let the wind blow through our hair, and pretend we were a real life cowman like daddy.


And everyone knows that real cowmen always take the phone call when it comes.  ;)

I think you could say he was a fan.


Monday, February 27, 2017


We're officially homeowners!

Clint and I signed papers on our new house last Tuesday, Feb. 21.  It was a wet, rainy day - but I think rainy days are our "thing" for happy occasions.

It rained on our wedding day.
It rained ice the day Chandler was born.
It rained last Tuesday.
And it rained yesterday when we moved the majority of the house.

So we'll just associate the rain with happy occasions in our life.

Bring on the rain.  :)


A big thank you to friends and family who helped us move - my brother in law Henry especially helped do a lot of heavy lifting with Clint and we are so appreciative.

For anyone who's gone through the process - you know buying a house is a long, sometimes tedious process.  For us - we really had hoped that we could find acreage and a stick built home; but when our timeline became a little more crunched and we had the choice between a stick built w/ small acres or a manufactured home w/ more acres - well you can see what our choice was.

The house isn't quite done being remodeled yet (we are redoing 100% of the flooring, and adding a larger closet to the master) but when it is done - I'll post the "inside" pictures.

Until then, we'll be unpacking boxes, rearranging furniture, and baby proofing the house.

Chandler's crib is set up, and he slept great in it last night - our first night in the new house.  Clint and I slept in our full guest bed in Chandler's room (since the flooring & closet in our master isn't done yet) - and while we slept; I don't think it was as soundly as Chandler did.  ;)

Outside we have a lot to do - permanent fencing, redrawing/reconfiguring pasture layouts, getting ready to build a shop, getting ready to turn on irrigation, fertilizing, and other maintenance items.  The previous owners rented out their pasture, so they only had thin electric fence in place and while that might work as a temporary fix - it's not ideal long term.  There also aren't any outbuildings on the property suitable for livestock needs which is why we're building a new shop/barn.

I think we all know where our free time will be spent in the next few months.  :)

But it's ours, and we're happy to call it {home}.