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All because of an AI barn.

"If you lead, I will follow."

- Pulling into the Top Cut feedlot to AI a set of 9 Mile Red Angus heifers - 

- Driving south on Hwy 74 towards Cecil, OR to AI a set of Krebs Livestock heifers -

- Watching the cowboys sort the second set of cows at Krebs Livestock -
I was going through my camera images last week, and found a few pictures I'd forgotten I had taken.
All were from when I was following Clint, who was pulling the AI barn to projects in April. 

I don't want to sound super sappy - but I really, truly mean this; I will follow Clint wherever he goes.  That might sound submissive....but it's meant with a servant heart, because I know if I asked; Clint would follow me wherever I go.  This life we get to "do" together is a good one - and it's made better when we spend time together as a family.  Life and marriages have so (!!!) many seasons - and for this season; it's made better when I follow as a wife and a mom.  There'll come a day w…

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