Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Road trip!

We took Chandler on his first road trip last week!
Tyler Kralicek, who judged for Clint on his last judging team, was getting married to his wife Chelsey in Bismarck so we decided to make the trip.  We looked at flights, but figured we wanted to be able to see Clint's family since we were so close so driving made the most sense.
Chandler was a trooper!  We left Thursday night after work and made it to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  We spent the night in the Super 8 - because Clint hasn't changed his ways, lol.
The next morning we let Chandler get some wiggles out before loading him back in the Camry and heading for Montana.

Traveling with a baby is not exactly efficient, but it was fun.
We took plenty of breaks to feed Chandler, change his diaper or just play.  We'd planned each day so that we only had 6-8 hours of actual driving, so it was totally manageable.

Paul & Whitney lived about halfway thru our trip in Lewistown, MT so we planned to stay with them Friday night.  It was SO fun to meet their new baby Andrew, enjoy a nice dinner, check out their vet practice and meet one of Twist's babies they named Tornado.

Saturday morning we were up early at 3 am so we could be on the road by 4 to Bismarck.
Chandler made it thru his second full wedding mass in two months without a peep!
It was pretty warm outside while we were waiting for the receiving line, so he took shade under his dad's hat.

Tyler & Chelsey's reception was at a really cool venue in Bismarck, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

All of the OSU folks sat together - and we had the best time!
Of course the boys had to toast Tyler's marriage.  ;)

Tyler looked handsome, and Chelsey was a beautiful bride!
We wish them all the best in their marriage!

The next morning we headed out early and turned south towards Nebraska.
But not before Chandler got in some tummy time.  :)  We found that if he could have some time where he could roll around and play on a flat surface (like the hotel bed) that he did really well in the car, so we tried to let him do that each morning.
The grass in North Dakota looked so good, and the badlands were just as beautiful!

More pics of our trip later this week!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day Clint!

It's funny -
You think you love someone so much.
And then you see them parent your child and that love grows by leaps and bounds. 
More than you ever thought.

This man -
He's a tremendous father.
A man who loves to play with his son, and cuddle and give him new experiences.
A man who snuggles with Chandler, takes him to change water, and can feed a bottle like a boss.
Not to mention - he changes a mean diaper.

Happy 1st Father's Day Clint!

We love you so much!
With love,
Your two biggest fans

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chandler is 5 months old.

Chandler Jesson James
You are 5 months old!
You weigh 19 1/2 pounds, are 26.5'' long, and are in the 99% for head circumference.

You wear 6-9 month clothing, and are eating a few soft foods at night like rice cereal or applesauce.
This month you got your first two teeth on the bottom!
And you were such a good teether, you hardly even fussed.

You are sitting in my arms and lap as I type this one handed, playing with a sack of jelly beans and sucking on a cold teething ring.  But just a minute ago, your daddy had you up on Twist in your saddle and you were LOVING it.  You are an active little baby, and love being in your exer-saucer, or rolling around on the floor.
You mastered rolling over this month, and can hold your head high!  You can scootch across the floor, but can't crawl yet although you pump your little legs and started planking last week.  Pam (who loves and watches you during the work days) sends us fun pictures of how far you can go....and it makes your mom and dad proud of how well you are developing!
Your hand to eye coordination is so good, and it's amazing how well you can pick up things....and take them straight to your mouth!  :)

You love being on the go, around cows and near a running generator.  ;) 
We love you sweet baby, and can't wait to keep watching you grow up!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wrapping up the AI season....

We still have a few AI projects to go in Central Oregon this week, and a few smaller projects here close to home but we're definitely on the home stretch of the 2016 spring AI season!

Honestly, when we started - outwardly I was very confident that I could handle it with Chandler.  But inside - I didn't know.  In the first projects we did, we were so lucky to have Kylee here with us and she helped hold Chandler, change diapers or bring cattle so I could focus on thawing inside the barn. My mom helped on the weekends she was here too.  As he got older (and Kylee moved back home to help Raymond's), Chandler was old enough that he could hang out in the carseat underneath my desk space in the AI barn office and we got along well.

Sure - we had a few trying moments.

Chandler likes to be changed RIGHT when he becomes wet and so there usually is a bit of fussing while Clint and I trade off thawing so I could change him.....and there was the time in Wallowa when we were AI'ing for Todd Nash and I had Chandler in the front pack because he was STARVING (not really, the guy weighs 20 lbs at 4 months....but he thought he was starving) and we had 7 cows to go and I knew if I could get those cows (which would take probably 10 minutes) I could feed him and not be rushed....and as I'm pulling a cane of Commando semen (which is hard to get and expensive) Chandler threw his head back towards the tank.  So I did what any mom would do - I dropped the semen and grabbed Chandler's head.  It sucked because I haven't dropped a cane (or even a straw) of semen in FOREVER, but you do what you have to do.  And I put Chandler back in his carseat and he fussed for the next 5 minutes while we finished the last cows.  And then there were both of those times in Milton Freewater when we were putting in CIDR's and AI'ing, and NOTHING could calm Chandler down.  We finally just determined he didn't like MF.  ;)

You do what you have to do, and you just go forward.

I guess I say the above because I post a lot of "Chandler is happy in the AI barn" pictures - and for 95% of the time, he is like that and we know we're lucky.

But let's be honest - he, nor I, are perfect and we have our trying moments too.  ;)

So with that said - he are some happy pictures.  And at the end - one sad picture for honesty's sake.  :)

{AI'ing in Baker}

{Hanging out at the DLX guest house in between heats}

{AI'ing in Wallowa}

{After AI'ing at Nolin}

And just to keep it real....

Earlier in the season after finishing a set of heifers at Double M.

We'd finished, and packed up the barn....and he woke up and there was nothing going on.  I think that scared him more than anything, lol.


We're thankful to be living the dream with this little man!

Friday, May 27, 2016

A week of firsts.

This has been a big week for the Chan man!
He slept all the way thru the night (once - he hasn't repeated it, lol), got a new tooth on the bottom and ate rice cereal for the first time.
I think he's pretty proud of himself - and we're pretty proud of him!
{Picture Below - After he slept through the night Tuesday.}

 His little face looks red, but it was just the poor lighting in the bedroom.

He's slept for 6 hour stretches before, but Tuesday night he slept from 8:30 pm to 5:00 am - and I won't lie, it was awesome!

....the tablespoon of rice cereal before bed that night may have helped too...


And while he hasn't repeated it yet this week, I think it's a good sign that he did it once and I now we just need to figure out how to help him do it again.  Sleep is so important, and all three of us wake up feeling better when we get a good night of it.

And a video of his new tooth - you kind of have to picture it for yourself, lol. 

 I was away from home at a DD meeting in Sumpter this week, so I didn't get to see the tooth until Thursday afternoon but Clint said he thought he saw it Wednesday, and Pam felt it Thursday so it cut through sometime in that time period.  :)  You wouldn't have known it though, because Clint & Pam both said he was a happy baby both days! I feel pretty lucky that he is so relaxed with everything, including teething....hopefully he keeps that up!  The tooth is still pretty little and he is ACTIVE right now (which I'm sure he'll keep up for the next 18 years, lol) but I thought it was a fun little video to share. 

We sure love this little guy, and getting to be a part of his "1st's".