Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekend wins.

Oh friends - we had such a good weekend, full of so many wins.


A fresh haircut by Grandma for Chandler - he looks so handsome!

A new queso!

The new Tillamook sauce starters are SO good!  We tried the queso first - and just made it as a dip.  It was creamy, super easy and quick to make and even good re-heated!  I want to try the alfredo next.


Brothers playing.  They just love each other.  :)

Christmas from the Stumpff's.


Errands ran.

Taxes turned in. (!!!!)

Guys - we haven't done taxes before April 15 since 2012! This is a huge win for me - it was my February goal to have it off my plate and it feels so good to have them turned in.


Birthday fun.

Cows fed.

Life well lived.

It was really a good weekend.  Really, truly.  :) 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Grandma Pat & A Haircut.

My mom came over to visit us this weekend.  We sure enjoy having her here - we didn't do anything special, just errands and hanging out at home.
Chandler wanted to paint, and my mom helped him out while Clint took a few phone calls and Cal played in the living room.

My poinsettia from Christmas is going strong and is hanging out with our Valentine's Day treats.  The holidays never end at the Sexson household.  ;)

Saturday night before baths my mom cut Chandler's hair.  I was running the Dyson at first, but he wanted to and did a REALLY good job, so we let him.  My mom would run the clippers through his hair and then set it out so he could reach, and he'd turn the Dyson on (no attachment), suck up the hair and then turn it off.  This kept him really occupied and still - win!

Towards the end, we took his shirt off and used the carpet attachment to suck all of the hair off of his back before we put him in the bath.  I just love his hair short and clean cut - thank you Grandma for the haircut!
We also spent some time at the playground, and did a little grocery shopping and errands while my mom was here.

Pretty fun!
Thanks mom for driving over and spending time with us - we love you!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Charolais babies & our babies.

Yesterday I posted about how we feed our cows....and today I thought I'd show you a few pictures from when Clint was feeding our Charolais cows later that night.

We don't flake hay out for the Charolais cows because they can all get around our feeder at the same time, and because we don't have any horses in their pasture.  Because no one is fighting to get to feed, or being chased away by horses (stinkers) we can just put chunks of alfalfa bales into the feeder on top of the grass or grain hay that is always available.  Clint spreads it out on top so everyone has equal access and he can easily do that by himself, so I stayed by the gate with the boys while he ran chunks of alfalfa in with the skidsteer.

Cal was taking a little snooze, so I pushed Chandler around in his little car while Clint took alfalfa in.

The Charolais babies are growing!!!  I still love the Slasher calves, they are thick and have the most fun markings!

Once the Char's were fed, we headed in for dinner. 

Clint pushed Chan and I pushed Cal.  We bought Chan's Little Tikes car off of Craigslist for $20 in Boise while we were there for a fair Clint was judging this summer and it has been well worth it!  I know it's pink, but Chandler doesn't know any different and just LOVES to "drive" it.  I love that it can be pushed with one hand, has drink holders and a little storage cubby so he can keep his tractors safe while he drives.

It was a gorgeous night to be out as a family!  It's supposed to turn cold this weekend, but so we'll bundle more than usual - but you'll still find us outside feeding the cows.  :)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Feeding cows.

Happy Friday!

Today I thought I'd post a few pictures of how we feed the cows at home.  I took these last week in the late afternoon after Chandler had a doctor's appointment (he was wheezing a lot) so we were all home a little earlier than normal and had time to help Clint.

Usually during the week Clint feeds by himself, or if he's gone then we either pre-load the feeders (most common) or I take leave at lunch and run home to feed (less common).  We try to feed alfalfa every other day, and then the cows have access to free choice grass hay every day.  On the weekends, we all feed as a family, fill grass hay feeders, etc. since Chandler loves being outside and driving the "tractor" (our skidsteer).

Clint pre-bought the alfalfa from a neighbor who stores it tarped at his farm, and then Clint hauls a flatbed load in when needed.  We keep it in the shop (our shop is half concrete, and half gravel flooring) with the skidsteer so they're both out of the weather, and then the grass hay is tarped outside.  We also feed the Charolais cows grain hay mixed with grassy hay in the feeders since they're calving and can use a little more energy.


Chandler doesn't quite have opening the bay door down 100%, but he likes to try.

 If the weather is nice, Cal usually goes in a stroller which I think he prefers because he can see better and is "free".  If it's cold, I put him forward facing in my Ergo front pack and wrap a blanket around him so that my body heat and the blanket can keep him warm.  This day was gorgeous (!!!) so a sweatshirt was all we needed.



We cut strings on a bale of alfalfa, with the skidsteer's tines under the bale and force pressing the bale against another bale so it doesn't "explode".  Then Clint gently lifts with the skidsteer to pull away 1/3 of the bale of alfalfa before Clint & Chandler take it to the field.  Cal and I followed in the stroller and helped open gates.  Once we got out into the field, Chandler wanted out so he could help me flake.  We just go along, and flake one flake at a time spaced out enough so that the cows can walk around the flake without stepping (or pooping) on another flake.  We flake in a different spot every time so that we don't create a strip of waste that grass can't grow thru this spring.


Blurry, but Cal is so cute that I'm including it.  :)

So that's how we feed cows as a family.  It takes more time (and patience) but we're not a big scale operation, and because having cows is not our main source of income, we make sure that we're doing this so that we can spend time together as a family.  It's not worth if it we're aren't.  :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

We're looking forward to Grandma Pat coming over tonight, and a long 3 day weekend.