Monday, April 18, 2016

Life lately.

We've officially entered the AI'ing season here!

Sorry my posting has been light - we are spending a lot of time in the AI barn after work and on the weekends, or at home trying to stay caught up and I just haven't taken a lot of pictures.

But we're living the dream, and this little guy seems to like it too!

He is so good while we're AI'ing - most of the time he either hangs out in his car seat underneath my shelf in the office area of the AI barn, or if it's nice I'll lay him in the stroller and place him right by the door where we can keep an eye on him.  Unless he has a wet diaper, or gets hungry - he is pretty content to watch what we're doing, talk to us & himself or nap.

I joke that Chandler's they only one who can get away with napping on the job - but I might have to take that back...yesterday, after we got done breeding at Krebs' in the morning, Clint let me get my own nap in. 

And I needed it - oufta.  So thankful for a husband who takes care of things so I can get a bit of sleep in on the weekends.  The early week day mornings were tough the first week back at work, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.  But I am a person who needs sleep - and I'm finding I need some extra sleep on the weekends to catch up from my 4:15 am alarms during the week, and Clint tries really hard to make sure I can get that in which I appreciate! 

But before we napped Sunday....we spent some time on the grass.  The weather was awesome here this weekend, and so we spent a bit of time just lounging on the grass when we got home and before our naps.  Chandler seemed to like the feel of the grass on his hands.

One tuckered out baby.  :)

 And I had to include this picture - because it's totally what he looks like when he's awake and on the go.  This was on our drive to go breed a set of heifers in Washington a week ago.  He was so happy to have someone sit and play with him in the backseat all the way there and back.

And in other news - while he hasn't cut any teeth yet, Chandler has been drooling a ton - so I've been letting him gum this teether and he sure likes it!

So that's life lately -  just breeding cows, giving baths, holding a baby, trying to keep the home liveable and living the dream with Clint.  The weeks ahead look to be more of the same, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

How's life where you are?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Branding at the butte.

We branded at the butte Saturday.
Normally the ranch runs calves across a table, but has a group of cull cows that is being run up at the butte and there aren't any facilities to do that.  So Clint asked a few friends to come help rope, and they showed up big time.
It was a gorgeous day, with just the right amount of breeze and in a few hours, the crew had everything branded and was back at our house for lunch.
I went up for awhile with my mom and Chandler, and got to capture a few pictures.  This was my first week back at work, so I haven't had a ton of time to put words to pictures....but we also don't get to rope and drag much here at the ranch, and I wanted to make sure these pictures got on the blog.
So with that....I'm going to picture dump.  :)
Just know it was a gorgeous day, filled with the best of kind of people, doing an important job.
And we were grateful.



We are so thankful to good friends and fellow Double M co-workers who helped get the job done safely, both for the crew and for the cattle.