Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend!

We spent the weekend at home, and I took Chandler in Saturday to see the Easter bunny.  We have a photo shop here in town that did pictures with the Easter Bunny - it's inexpensive, they're fast (we maybe spent 5 minutes there total) and a great way to preserve memories.

Since he was dressed nicely, I took a few pictures of him when we got home too.  He is getting so big!

My cousin Alayna made his t-shirt and it says "Egg Hunter" with a pair of horns coming out of the egg - so cute!

PS - Dot & Chandler are the best of friends!  They really do love each other.  :)

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny came, and Chandler thought that was pretty fun!


Hope you all had a nice Easter too!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Chandler's 1st Haircut.

Chandler got his first haircut this weekend!

My mom was here visiting, and she does a great job so after breakfast on Saturday when Chandler was relaxed we went to it!

The Before Pictures:

He did so well - he was a little squirmy at first, mostly because I think he wanted to see what was going on behind him - but once I gave him my phone to watch, he settled down and was a champ!

The During Pictures:

My mom did a great job!  He looked so big once she was done, but I also love how he doesn't have a baby mullet anymore.  :)  She just cut the back and didn't cut the front, so he still looks like a baby.

Thanks Grandma for giving Chandler his first haircut!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Chander - 15 months.

You are 15 months old buddy!

We love you so much, and are just loving this stage right now.

The biggest news is that you started walking this month!

It still has to be your idea, but when you want to walk - you take off!

The other night we were at an FFA meeting, and you were walking all around the ag room - taking as many as 20-30 steps before you'd drop down and crawl.  You're pretty steady, probably because you took so long to walk.

You weigh 30 pounds, just started wearing a size 5 diaper and are in 2T clothes.  I hope we can keep you in 2T for a few months more - but I'm not sure - you have really gotten tall this month!

You have 12 teeth fully in, and your 4 eye teeth are making their way.  One has broken through, but the other three are taking their sweet time.  Drooling and multiple bibs/shirts per day has been the norm for a few weeks now.

You still love playing in the dishwasher, and have recently discovered that you can "cook" and stir with mommy's pots and pans that you pull from the bottom drawer.  You're great help at dinner - I cook at the stove, and you cook on the floor.

You still love playing in the bath!

It's funny - Grandma bought you fun bath toys for your birthday, but you'd rather play with a piece of chain (off of the bathtub drain plug), a wash cloth, a tooth brush and a measuring cup.  I'm sure as you get older you'll want "fancier" things - so for now, we're just enjoying that you like the simple things.

You love to look out windows, and wrap things around your neck.  Not all the way around your neck (yikes - that would scare me and we still watch you carefully), but you like something to be on the back of your neck.  Scarves are always a hit, along with long socks (like daddy's), stretchy hats and anything else that's soft and easy to throw over.

We're still working on getting your room set up (hopefully we'll get that done this weekend) but we made space for you to play and pull out toys - and while it's usually a mess, you are great at playing independently.  You like anything that plays music, your popper that you push, and your Schleich cows.
I feel like I say this every month - but you are just so content to be outside and on the go.  We love that we can take you to an all day branding, or work outside, or run errands - and you just keep up and are happy to be along.

You love to play in the dirt/mud/rocks - and honestly, you stay pretty clean and are just content to pick up and move rocks or dirt clods, or put them in a baggie and dump them out.

We love you Chandler!  Thanks for being such a great son to us!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Branding in Pilot Rock.

We spent Sunday with the Raymond crew branding calves in Pilot Rock.

It was a fun day and the weather, for the most part - was pretty darn nice.

We got there late in the morning, and Clint took a younger colt with him (Pistol), so he spent some time leading him around while Chandler and I hung out and I took a few misc. pictures.

Someone loved a pair of sunglasses!!!

Colter's birthday was Monday, so Amy had a cake for him....he didn't get a chance to blow out his candles though, because the wind did it for him!  :)

After lunch, cake & presents - the crew hit the branding pen!



We've had so much moisture this winter/spring that it's been tough to have the right conditions to brand.  And while no one is complaining about the rain - because rain = grass - it's been a bit of a rush to get calves branded so guys can get pairs turned out. 





And I'll end with two of my favorite pictures from the day.

Chandler loves riding with Clint, and I love the look on Clint's face in this last picture.  He works and goes so hard - that it's fun to see these smiles captured.  :)

Thanks Ryan & Amy for having us - we sure appreciate your friendship and love getting to help brand.