Sunday, September 24, 2017

Calvin - 3 months

Calvin David Dean

You are three months old!
You weigh about 15 lbs, wear size 2 diapers and size 6-9 month clothes.  You didn't have a monthly check up this month, so the weight is from our bathroom scale - but based on the way you're burning thru the sizes of infant clothes; I'd say you're growing.  :)

You're trying to sit up as I type this post - you're kind of propped up on a pillow in bed with us, and tonight is the first time you've tried to do that.  You've really found your hands this month, and have started to suck your thumb....I'm still trying to get you to take a binky, but you still don't care for it much.  I figure it's easier to take away a bink later on, than your thumb - but you aren't having it.  :)

You started giggling this month, and do it most often when we change you.  You talk all the time, make eye contact and love to be in the mix of things.
You slept all the way thru the night once - and even though it was just one night, I think that we'll get there sooner than we did with your brother.  I looked, and he was four and a half months old the first time he slept thru the night.  When we went in for your two month appointment, our doctor said now is the time to start "dictating the schedule" - and I told him we didn't have to, because you were on a great one.  You really are an easy baby.

I went back to work this week, and we couldn't have asked for better care for you during the day.  Most days you'll go to Pam's - it means early mornings and late nights, but I love that you get to have the same start Chandler did.  Kelley watches you one day a week too; and she's just as in love with you.  We couldn't ask for two better ladies to watch over you.

I wanted to make sure you'd take a bottle for them (hence the pic above) and you took right to it, without blinking an eye.  However - we found out you do NOT like formula, and with as fast as you're growing (and as much as you're eating) we're trying to figure out a way to sneak that in.

You still love to kick your legs - I don't know if it's because you're growing so fast (that's what I think) or if it's because you see your brother running and you want to too (that's what your dad thinks).

I haven't been great at taking pictures of you with my good camera, so there are a lot of cell phone pictures in this post - but it isn't because we don't love you. 
We love you buddy - so much, I just can't tell you.  I worried we wouldn't love another baby as much as we love your brother, and that was silly - because we love & adore you, and are so proud of you.

And as I finished typing this post - you've fallen asleep, holding hands with your daddy who is asleep next to you.  Love you sweet Cal -

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Klamath Falls AI - Bengard

We bred a set of heifers this week in Klamath Falls for a new ranch.
  Clint had gone down last Saturday to give shots and stayed down there, and since it was my last week of maternity leave; the boys & I drove down early Monday morning to meet him.

The ranch had a great set of corrals to work in, and all Clint & Morgan had to do was back the box up to their hydraulic chute. 
We had a great crew; Clint & ranch manager Jared ran the chute, lead up & managed shots/patches; Becky, Tyler & Morgan bred and I thawed.  Ed & Ricardo brought cattle and the boys managed from the stroller.

We were hustling - on both the heats & time AI group, we bred more than 100 an hour thru the barn.


By 6 that night, we were done and the boys and I were headed towards home.  A short trip - but a successful one.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


This sweet boy loves tractors right now.
"Tac-tor!  Tac-tor!"
And when Daddy parks the Skidsteer where Chandler can see it from the window - that makes for a happy boy; especially when he wakes up. 
And yes - I still have moving boxes out - but not after this week.
I love this stage right now - the simple things, like riding in the "tractor" make his day.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Nebraska, the Good Life.

Nebraska - it's where Clint grew up and a lot of his family still lives.
Last year when we drove out to visit, I took a picture of Chandler & Clint at the state line (at the bottom of the post) and this year I wanted to do the same with Cal.

It's a little more difficult to 1) hold two boys at once and 2) get everyone looking and smiling at the same time. :)
- A few outtakes, just for fun. -

Chandler always wants to hold Cal's hand - which I love.  :)
Nevertheless - I'm glad we stopped and got the picture.
Nebraska - you've created a good life for Clint, and we're glad we get to take the boys back there.
Clint & Chandler in June 2016

Friday, September 8, 2017

Oregon to Nebraska - Part 2

After leaving North Dakota (see this post here) we headed south thru the Dakota's towards Nebraska. We had an eight hour drive that day, and the boys handled it really well.  We rolled into Clint's dad's place a little around 6 and were excited to introduce Papa Dave and Grandma Melly to Calvin. :)
The next day, Mel made a big dinner and their friends Dean & Fay came over, along with Kristi and Jace. We spent the day relaxing, visiting and eating really good food. Mel makes the best rolls (seriously, I think I ate five or six that day - I can't resist) and a corn recipe with Dorothy Lynch dressing that I want to try.
The next morning we headed to Alliance. I hadn't seen the Stumpff's new place (Clint had been there this spring when he came out for the Hebbert sale) so we stopped by and got the tour. That also let us see Robbie and Jacobi since they had prior commitments the day before. They bought a fixer upper (that came with a lot of acreage, which they wanted) and have been working so hard to fix it up. We were both trying to buy places this winter, and so it was fun to see theirs in person.

Chandler had a ball there - he got to watch TV for a few minutes (lol - we have an entertainment system in the van, but he shrieked with glee when Kristi turned on Paw Patrol), see the goats, sheep and pig - but his favorite was driving the tractor with Jace.

We also made sure to get a family selfie - we sure love the Stumpff's and are so proud of Jace and Jacobi and all they've accomplished. They're going to do good things in life.

From there we picked up Taco John's for probably the eighth time and headed towards Grant. I love - LOVE - TJ's (and so does Clint) but we don't have them in Oregon so we stop there as much as possible when we're in the Midwest.  We also stopped north of Ogallala and met up with Dave & Mickie Hebbert for a quick visit. They were coming back from Colorado where they'd picked up their grandsons from their other grandparents and we stopped at the visitor center which let all three boys (their two plus Chandler) run around while Dave and Clint got to visit.  Clint worked for the Hebbert family growing up, and it's where his love for the Charolais breed started. We can't put into words how much we respect this family - and we sure valued the time we got to spend with them.

From there we stopped to see Clint's grandma in Grant. Yvonne was doing well and enjoyed meeting her newest great grandchild. :)  Although he hung out with me for the picture (since he was sleeping) while Clint, Chandler & Great Grandma got in on the picture action.
We also had a chance for Chandler to try his first Runza (it's a THING in Nebraska) before heading to Colorado.
Where I got to have a Starbucks after a five day withdrawal, lol.  I enjoyed it in the car at Rocky Mountain Sires, while Clint looked thru the bulls in stud there. Studs have strict biosecurity measures, so it was just as easy to let Chandler play in the van. He loves to "drive" and Clint had a leftover cup of ice from his drink at breakfast so the time flew by. :)

Then we headed to a park in Bennett and spent the afternoon with Clint's mom.

It was a really nice park, and we stayed there for a few hours to play and visit. The only thing we should have done differently was take this picture at the beginning of our visit, instead of the end. Chandler had played hard - and was T.I.R.E.D.  It was good to see Clint's mom.

Watching brother play - soon they'll both be running around the playground!

We kept trucking west, and spent the night in Rock Springs, WY.  After a decent night's sleep, we kept heading west thru the smoke from all of the wildfires, for home.

Cheesy crackers are a MESS in the car - but Chandler loves them, and we were on vacation so we broke out extra wipes and let him have them.

The sweetest little feet you ever did see.  :)
It was a long trip - but the boys did great, and it was worth the miles to see family!