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We did our normal routine again this year for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving day we spent the morning working on cow stuff and then enjoyed Thanksgiving lunch with Terry and Anna Francis and heir family. Jenny, Justin and the kids were roping in Arizona so it was a pared down crew, but still a fun one.  We are, played Ticket to Ride and only had to leave when I heard Chandler say “Awww, mess”.
It should be noted that Chandler reserves this phrase for really good messes, and I soon found out that while I thought he was watching a movie with Clint and Cal in the living room, he was actually washing his hands (his new favortotask) with the water full bore, the sink drain in the stop position and a hand towel also plugging the sink for good measure.
Luckily Terry and Anna have linoleum in the bathroom, and the flood was mostly contained to the counter top and Chandlers clothing. ;) He was soaked, but the extra water was quickly cleaned and home we went.

I worked Friday and then we headed to …

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