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Now that the auction is over...

Hello friends! Whew...these past couple of weeks have flown by!  But now that the Hermiston FFA Alumni Auction is over, life is a little back to normal.  We had such a successful event, and raised over $28,000!!!  It is not lost on me that we live in a community that donates items worth that amount, and then shows up to buy it all back.  A huge thank you the businesses & individuals who supported the auction, and the many alumni members who donated time and efforts to help make it function! We had a great crew this year; Lisa, Ray, Sheila, Chuck W. and Chuck M helped with donations; Kylie handled the treasurer role along with mailings and raffles, Melissa & Erin did a beautiful job with decorations, Shanna & Hannah handled check out like champs, Charles loaded our IT programming, Spoo & Mel smoke the tri tips, Debbie was game to help with anything, and many others helped in the kitchen, sell tickets, organize desserts and more!  I am so thankful to all who showed up …

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