Tuesday, November 25, 2014

White corrals.

I was going through old photos from earlier this fall and realized that I never shared with you the updates Mike & Patsy made down at the White Corrals.  This is where the ranch weans and feeds out the heifer calves, sorts cattle, doctors cows and calves in the spring & summer and breeds the replacement heifers in the spring.  It's a group of five large pens that sit in a wagon wheel fashion around the corral and hydraulic chute.  Before this summer, only two of the pens had concrete bunks but now four of the five do.  Mike & Patsy hired Coehlo's to do the pipe work on the bunks/pens and it looks great.  It's also an investment that will serve the ranch for many, many years - so in addition to looking sharp, it's also very practical.

The pens are all filled with heifers now, that were weaned from the ranch's fall and spring cows this summer.  They'll stay on feed until Mike & Clint choose the replacements and then the remainder of the heifers will get shipped to a different feedlot to get fattened for slaughter.  The replacement heifers will stay in the white corrals for awhile on feed, before they're trucked up to the butte and fed hay.  Then later in the spring, we'll bring them back to the white corrals where we'll AI them.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend wrap up.

Happy Monday!

Did you all have a great weekend?  We sure did.  It was my short weekend, since I worked on Friday but since we celebrated my birthday both Thursday and Friday nights (I'm a lucky girl!) the weekend seemed extra long.

Thursday night we all met at our local Mexican restaurant in Stanfield for dinner.   I'm so blessed to have such great friends!  And it was nice to all get to dinner, and not have any dishes to do once we were done.

Bonus.  :)
Friday work flew by (it's getting busy....let the games begin, is what I say) and that night we had the OSU Steer A Year crew staying with us since they were touring beef operations here on the east side of the state for the weekend.  They headed into Pendleton to eat dinner at Hamley's, and Clint, myself, Anna & Terry met at The Wheat & Barley Pub in Echo to celebrate Anna & I's birthdays. 

Our birthdays are five days apart, so we like to celebrate with a dinner together.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to grab breakfast for the crew in town, and pick up some vaccine Clint needed for working ranch heifers that morning.  Then the OSU gals and I loaded up in their van for a quick tour of Double M.  We saw the feedlot, the commodity & feed mixing area, White Corrals, calving barn and then Clint showed them the sale barn and they got to watch the crew freeze brand replacement heifers.

Clint put our Daniels portable alleyway in the sale ring, and the panels reconfigured to make an alleyway for the cattle.  This way the guys could freeze brand inside, and be more protected from the elements.  A kerosene heater helped make it comfortable too, even with the sliding doors open for cattle to enter & exit from.

I see a lot of future cattle work happening here, which was what the barn was designed for!

After I dropped the SAY crew off with Clint, I headed into Echo to help set up for the 2014 Echo & Stanfield FFA Auction. 

The auction went so, so well - over $16,000 was raised that night to support both the Echo & Stanfield FFA chapters!  A HUGE crowd of people turned out, so many so in fact that the crew had to set up more tables (279 place settings had originally been set) and there was just enough dinner to feed all who came.

What a success!

Sunday we took it easy - chores, a late breakfast at Last Chance, a nice nap (I tried to resist, but it was futile, lol!), a little bit of doctoring and chores.

Sunday evening Jenny had invited us to Hale's to celebrate Anna's birthday with dinner.  It was a great way to end the weekend, and super fun to celebrate with the whole crew!

Anna is such a dear friend, and it was great to celebrate her!

Terry & Anna and Clint and I are headed to Vegas for the NFR the 6th-9th of December and it is going to be such a blast with these two!

After dinner, I did chores real quick and then we came back to the house for a nice relaxing evening.  I had to take a picture of this extra twin Clint's been feeding....of course the last fall cow to calve would have twins (and we don't have anything that needs a graft) so it's been hanging out at the barn getting bottles twice a day.  Week old calves have been bring $400+ at the auction lately, so it might hang around for awhile or it might get to go to town.  Either way, it's a cutie and it was fun to feed it today.


Did you all have a great weekend?

I sure hope so - and have a great week!  Hopefully you all have a "short" week before the Thanksgiving holiday and get to spend Thursday with family & friends.

I'm ready to {Gobble 'Til I Wobble}....how about you? 

PS - One last thing!

Have you heard about "Christmas in the Country"?

My friend Robyn is one of the hosts this year, and you can read all about this fun gift exchange on her blog here.  I signed up this week, and will be emailed the name of the person I get to be a secret Santa for after the sign up closes on Nov. 30.  If you'd like to participate, head over to Robyn's blog (or any of the other hosts here, here and here) and see how you can join in on the fun!

Friday, November 21, 2014

5 on Friday.

1. Ag Sales Practice

I helped the Hermiston FFA Ag Sales team practice this week, and before we began we thought we'd take a selfie.

Because every sales practice begins with a selfie, right?!?

***crickets chirping***

Ok, well, maybe not.  But it was fun anyway! :)  And this team is going to ROCK at districts! :)

2. "I ate all of your Halloween candy."

One of the gals in the office sent a link to this video at work right after Halloween, and when I watched it I just couldn't stop giggling.  I was trying to contain myself, but seriously - the "I ate all of your Halloween candy" reaction never get old.

Since I haven't done a "5 on Friday" post for a few weeks, this video has been sitting in my drafts but I still thought it was worth sharing.

After a week of snow, and cold temperatures I thought maybe someone reading this could use a laugh.

So - happy laughing!


3. Awesomeness

Oh social media, how you make me laugh sometimes.  And then shake my head in agreement.  Here are a few fun images I came across on Facebook this week.  :)

4.  A cold week for calving.

Last week Clint went thru the fall cows and brought the final four that needed to calve to the heifer barn so they'd be easier to watch.  Two of them calved last Sunday morning, and since I did chores at the barn that morning I got to see them first.  It was in the low teens on that morning, but these two babies were up & sucking and doing well.

 It's amazing how resilient newborn calves are.

5. A few of my favorites.

 I had a lot of time to take pictures this past week, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites that were kind of random and didn't necessarily fit into a post.


Take photos is something I love, and having a few hours to go through and shoot & edit whatever I wanted always makes me feel good.


Hope you had a great week!

Keep on living the dream!


Thursday, November 20, 2014


It's my birthday.
32 years.  32 great years.
I am blessed, and have so much to be thankful for. 
A hard working, handsome husband.
Wonderful family & friends.
A lifestyle that I love living.
A job that challenges and rewards me.
There's not much that I want for, and I don't take that for granted.
Although I could always go for another case of Diet Pepsi.  ;)
And maybe one less chin in my selfies.  Lol.
I hope the next 32 years are as great as the first 32 have been.
Because they've been pretty great.
Success is reason enough.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

When the FFA Alumni comes to town....

The National FFA Alumni hosted a Regional Development Conference here in Hermiston last Saturday.  The group spent the day at Armand Larive Middle School here in town.
I helped with registration in the morning, and then went back to the ranch to help with doctoring calves and doing other stuff that just takes more time to do in the cold.

I heard the conference was really good - and I am glad!
But what I thought was super fun, was the dinner we hosted the night before at the Walchli's.  John & Marjorie graciously opened up their entertaining space to us on Friday evening and it was a great spot for a fun dinner!

Spoo BBQ'ed tri-tip and his famous potatoes, and I did a trio of salads. 
Tomatoes w/ feta & cilantro and a cilantro dressing, pesto orzo w/ kalamata olives & tomatoes and Caesar salad.

I think if John had been there, he'd tell everyone that the polar bear is his pride & joy of all of his hunting trophies.  Lacey & Maddee thought they'd join in on the posing fun. :)

Thanks to all of the FFA Alumni members who came out for dinner.
It was a pleasure to host you!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

AI'ing for Thomas Angus - Round III.

We helped the crew at Thomas Angus breed another set of cows this weekend, on a circle out at Boardman.  

I thought I'd show you how the set up looks for a Genex Chuteside Service project.  We've been using our portable AI barn and a palpation gate, and those have butted up to Thomas's WW Livestock portable corral.  (If a ranch doesn't have a corral, we'll bring out Daniels double alleyway, but that wasn't needed since Thomas's have their WW corral.)

Depending on the day, Chris has also set up additional panels to help sort in or create a wing to gather cattle into the corral.  Since we've bred at a different circle each time, the portable equipment has really made it convenient to AI these cows. 

The palpation gate has been a really nice addition to our normal set up, and we're trying to figure out how to take it with us everywhere we go. It's given Clint a way to "get out" of the barn and help push cattle into it, without having to go by me in the office area of the barn.  Basically, it helps free up an area that is typically very congested - especially on projects where we'll have two different guys breeding and me thawing in the office.

Speaking of the office....welcome to mine.  ;)

It has everything I need - Diet Pepsi, a heater....oh, and AI supplies. 


The heater is new actually - Clint thought it'd be nice since the weather was predicted to be so cold and we were at Home Depot Saturday night so we picked one up.  It kept the office area so toasty warm that when it was in the low teen's outside, I was thawing semen in short sleeves & a vest.   And because Clint can't wear a coat when he AI's (he can't wear any layers on his arm that he gloves up on, so most of the time he breeds in a long sleeve shirt with one sleeve rolled up, and a pair of bib overalls) the heater was nice for Clint too.  Our barn held the heat well, so much so that I had to turn it down to low about halfway through the morning group.

The guys brought the cows, Marty called out the matings, and Clint & I kept rolling along in the barn.

We like to see cows riding....it means they're in heat.  We'd just like them to keep the riding out of the alleyway, lol.   But David got them settled down and coming our way to the barn. 

The rest of the breeding went really well. 

Chris, David and Tyler brought the cattle and no one seemed to be waiting on one another which meant we all kept a good pace.  And thankfully Marty was there to help us mate & record numbers, and her help allowed us to move right along.

I'm not sure what the plan is for future re-breeds, but hopefully a majority of the cows took to the first AI and the Thomas's will see good conception rates.

This picture totally cracked me up - doesn't Tyler's horse look like a camel with his blanket on over his saddle?

No group picture this year, but it was another successful Genex Chuteside Service project.

And success, well it is reason enough.