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Family pictures.

The last family picture we had with my mom & my siblings was probably 5 years ago....and since then we've added spouses & grandkids to the mix.  My sister Lindsay had a great idea to get my mom updated family pictures for Mother's Day; she arranged everything and all we had to do was show up in the valley. 

Lindsay choose Brittany Rossman, and we had them taken at a farm that is close to Lindsay & Henry - it was a rainy, stormy day which made for gorgeous skies!  And maybe a few cold, wet participants but we tried to make the best of it.  :)  We had to wake Chandler up from a nap (anyone who knows Chan knows he is not a quick "waker upper" lol), but Clint held him & got him warmed up and we were off!

It's not very often that I'm in front of a camera, rather than behind.  I'm happy to be in pictures - I want my kids to know what I looked like, and that I enjoy holding them, playing with them, etc.....but it just happens that I like to tak…

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