at our house always results in Easter pictures.

Don't they at yours?

Remember when you were little and you would put on your new Easter dress and then stand on your porch with your Easter basket while your parents snapped pictures of you?

I do...

My mom would always make my sister and I matching dresses (see Lindsay, you're not the only one who dresses their kids in matching clothes) and my brother would have on a cute suit with a clip on tie...you weren't cool unless you had a clip on tie...

Ahh, the memories. Good thing I don't have the pictures with me to show you. That might be embarassing...

So last weekend Clint and I drove to my mom's house to have Easter lunch on Saturday, and while we were there, my mom's neighbor Katie (who is a pro at taking pictures) snapped a couple of family pictures here for your enjoyment....

Or amusement...

Oh, I'm just joking Mom!

- That's Clint, myself, my sister Lindsay, my mom Pat and my brother Shawn -

Uhhh....someone should have told me to fix my hair.

But they didn't....oh well.

Then we had dinner with my dad later that night at Golden Valley Brew Pub. Really, if you're in McMinnville and need to eat, that is the place to do it.

This is an older picture of "Mi Padre" with "Paco"

Then we went and pigged out at Coldstone for dessert. Don't you love Coldstone? Seriously, whoever thought of make-your-own-ice-cream was a genius.

Do you think they know about liquid nitrogen ice cream?

On that, I will leave you with that lovely, mix-in-whatever-you-may moment.

Happy Easter....a few days late....but sincerely!


  1. Your Easter family pictures are great!

  2. So do i still need to mail you the pictures? Cause it seems like you got a hold of them!

  3. Love the photos :) Pretty blossoms everywhere ... and no snow :)


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