Swimming? Nope, BREEDING!

This weekend we helped A.I. heifers that had been synchronized...

Jim, Adam, Clint, RJ & Morgan (pictured)

Lizzy, Austin, Karl and Myself - Would you believe it took four of us to take this picture?

Nope, I didn't think you would believe it. Lizzy, Karl and Austin had already gone home when I took this.

Place of Synchronization....

Cable Creek Ranch!

I got a pair of sweet gloves out of the deal...thanks again!

So previously, each heifer had received (doesn't that make it sound like a gift?) a shot of GnRH (gonadatropin releasing hormone) and a CIDR (progesterone filled implant) on March 25. Then, on April 1, the CIDR was removed and each heifer got a shot of Lutalyse. This resulted in....

LOTS of...

In fact 191 heifers (83%!) doing...

OK, OK, you get the picture...

So, as each heifer showed heat, Adam, Jim and Lizzy moved those heifers to a seperate pen to get bred 12 hours after the heifer had shown heat.

Then, when we were ready to breed, each heifer was brought up the alley into the breeding box...

See how patiently they are waiting....well, at least most of the time they were.

Once two heifers (one on each side of the breeding box) were loaded, semen was thawed and loaded into AI guns.

Bulls of choice this weekend: Final Answer, Bismarck, Game Day, Mission Statement, Big Sky and Mytty.

Careful now with those precious goods!

The transfer.....

Then, RJ and Clint took the AI guns loaded with semen and proceeded to breed each heifer.

My crystal ball is telling me....100% conception rate! (We hope!)

Concentrate....concentrate! Whatever, this is like second nature to RJ!

RJ's putting the Swedish Heimlich on this heifer...she was a tick cranky.

Maybe she was a Patriots fan?

Then, after the guys passed the gun through the cervix, a handle was pulled and each heifer walked calmly out of the box....and the next two were brought in!

This happened 231 times. Except for about 40 heifers (those that hadn't showed heat) who received another gift....well, actually another shot of GnRH when they were bred to make sure the egg on their ovary dropped.

But wait! What did Karl do?

Now, it's "wait and see" time. Hopefully in 21 days, we won't be seeing ANY of this....

Well, at least not too much.

And at the end of the day, everyone was all.....




  1. Love the banner photo :) and the picture of Karl in this post ... PRICELESS!! :)


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