Cascade Classic Jackpot

This weekend, Clint and I headed down to Madras for the 2009 Cascade Classic Jackpot Show, which Clint was judging...

It gave us a very good excuse (not that we need one, but still) to go see our good friends, the Gohr's the night before...

And hang out with one of our favorite 3-year olds...

....Who happens to love to "swing!"

Thanks Gohr's for letting us crash at the Gohr Inn!
Then Saturday morning, Clint judged the Cascade Classic Jackpot show...

A lot of these kids purchased their steer or heifer from the Cascade Classic sale last year, and then brought them back for special futurity classes...

...they had over $1000 in added money just for the futurity classes!

Other kids brought a steer or heifer purchased elsewhere, and competed in the open division.

Note: If you're interested in next year's sale....mark your calendar for

September 20, 2009 in Madras!

It was great to be invited down, and we had a great time....thanks again!

But my favorite part of the day was...


Question: What is cuter than a pee wee showman?

Answer: SEVEN pee wee showman!

These kiddo's couldn't wait to show their heifers or steers....

And they all walked away winners!

(I think the next exciting thing after getting to show was the goodie bag they got filled with candy and money for their efforts!)

Great job to the Ellis & Bartels families for making this show a great one!


  1. Kids and cattle make the cutest photo opportunities.

    Nice to see a picture of The Golden Child in the judging shoes. Glad you guys had a fun Memorial Day Weekend!

  2. how fun ... gotta love my home town :)

    hope you're having a GREAT week!


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