Piggly Wiggly

As of last night, we are officially in the pig business.


Too bad this time around doesn't include Tater....or her Tots.

For those of you who don't know, my junior year of college a friend and I bought a pig together named Tater, and bred her to have Tater Tots.

Tater was a great pig....rather, still is. She lives at OSU now, and has babies for them.

Back to the new pigs. Last week TJ called us about some gilts & sows for sale, and before we knew it, Clint was headed home from Corvallis with a trailer of pigs, a farrowing crate and feed.

Soon to accompany the multiple pictures of cows, shall be multiple pictures of pigs. And even more pictures when those pigs (of whom some are bred right now) farrow and have cute babies.

Do you think baby piglet pictures will be cuter than this?

Or this?

We'll have to see....


  1. The kids will be so excited. You know as soon as we get moved to the country the Hiredman is saying he's getting two pigs and a hunting dog. He's more like his Uncle then I knew!

    I'm voting the piglets will be cuter. After all we get to see baby calves a lot and piglets well that's just a novelty!

  2. :) smiling ... should be a fun adventure!


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