Chickens in a tree...

I found this amusing because:

1. Who ever sees chickens roosting in a tree?

2. It has been a long week, and this made me laugh.

3. That's all. Have a great Thursday....Friday is just around the corner!
(I had to tell myself that first thing this morning.)


  1. That is funny. Yet, I found it funny when someone had chickens in their backyard in Portland. Maybe Oregon chickens are just different then chickens here???

  2. oh my goodness ... my sister's in-laws live right down the road from us & every day it was all I could do to not pull over and take a photo of their whole bunch of chickens roosting in their tree in front of their house ... CRAZINESS!!

    Happy Friday friend ... it's the end of the week and the start to a weekend :) ENJOY!


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