Piggly Wiggly's

What does it take to successfully birth 13 piglets?

A willing sow...

Meet *Daisy*

A willing crew...

Meet *The Crew*

These guys were awesome!


We had a lot of *crew* - which was fun!

Who knew a pig having babies would bring this many people together?

By the way, what's everyone doing in the middle of July?
Pencil in another farrowing!


* Farrowing crate *

* Fan for the sow's face - I like to think it's the equivalent of ice chips*


Not that I've ever had a baby, or know that ice chips are comforting during labor...

But they always show that on TV, so it's gotta be true? Right?


* String to tie off the umbilical cords *

We were using red curling ribbon...

Kind of like wrapping a new package...

*An eager freshman to make sure each piglet had a place to nurse...*

*And Heat Lamps*

Lots 'o heat lamps...

Baby piggies don't like to be cold!

*Oh, and a yoga mat*

So any old mat would do...

But all we had was my yoga mat...

So we cut it up for the babies to rest on...

I took one for the team :)

And all because...

* Success is Reason Enough *


  1. Bless her heart ... again ... I'm not sure I could be a pig :) Fun pictures documenting the process!

    Hope your Tuesday is blessed with good things!

  2. Great photos and comentary!

    Congradulations on the piggys!

  3. Great post...Becuase in the end it's all to help out the kids in your program right?? They look proud to be part of such a great experience


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