Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So this blog's http address is

But rarely do you see me post pictures of Charolais cattle...

(For those of you who don't necessarily come from a cattle background...they're the white ones!)

Usually I post pictures of red cattle...because that is what we run for the time being here in Oregon.

But across the border into the great potato state of Idaho, Wade and his wife Kara have and take care of SS Charolais's cattle...

Clint Sexson + Wade Small = SS Charolais partnership!

Confused yet?

Anyway, last week after the Union Stock Show, Clint drove over to Vale, and met Wade to look at some calves out of a bull they sold to the Roman's family. He also picked up some heifers out of their cows that Wade had hauled over and brought them back to our house.

And while I would have liked them to stay here in Eastern Oregon, they were purchased by some great friends of ours in the valley...

So they were just making a pit stop at our house before heading the rest of the way to Dallas...

They were a curious bunch...but maybe that was because I had flakes of hay in my hot little hands...

These girls were after my own heart....they liked to eat! :)

Anyway, we're super excited for the Hinton family and hope these heifers fit into their rest of their herd!

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  1. Great idea to explain why there are so many red ones on your blog!

    I love your profile picture and the one of you and the Golden Child!!

    Have a fantastic day tomorrow!!!


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