'09 Orange Four Calves

So no video, but here's the next best thing...

A few pictures from Orange Four's 2009 calf crop.

3450's calf...
He looks at you just like his mother...all stretched out, tailed cocked, begging to be scratched on.

This is 6603's calf. It seemed like just yesterday I posted these pictures of him.

And while 5580's (or is it 5588's?) bull calf is Clint's favorite, 6603's bull calf remains mine.

This calf felt like he had to show off a little...

And this one...well,
At first I didn't want to post a picture of this little sweetie...I thought she looked a little off of her game.

And then Clint said "She's just an April...she's a baby!"

He won. And my heart melted.

Oh wait...this post is about the calves. My apologies.


And now for the Rear Views...

*And no, this calf's legs aren't funky...just standing on uneven ground
*This one's my favorite picture of the group. It's like he's walking off into the sunset.

And finally, here's a shout out to the "ladies" who make all of this possible...

And the "man" himself...


  1. this post cracks me up ... I love the play by play commentary :)

    Happy Weekend!

  2. I also had a good laugh at the commentary!


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