A Barn Story...

My parents both grew up in Iowa...

And then they moved out West once they were married...

They were rebellious like that.

But ALL the rest of our family (both sides!) still live in Iowa...

....like within a two hour radius of each other...

But that's another story.

My grandma (my mom's mom) lives on a section of land in a town called Pomeroy...

She and my grandpa raised corn and Charolais cattle before he passed away...

And while she doesn't have Charolais cattle anymore - (but my Aunt Mary, and Uncle Curt each do!) - my grandma still has most of the structures standing that were used when they had cattle and she still raises corn.

The biggest structure on her farm is her barn. It sits right out front across the driveway from her house. I remember once when I was in grade school, we were visiting and she had donkeys at the time. They brayed and brayed all stinkin' night!

But that's not the only memory I have. I can remember when they still had Charolais cattle and they would be lounging around.

At that time I still thought beef bulls were as mean as dairy bulls, so I never really went very close.

My grandpa loved the Charolais breed....he really did.

Anyway, over the years, the barn has weathered...
But my grandma's a pretty keen person, and she likes things to be "so, so".

So she began working on restoring the barn.

The roof, the foundation, the walls, the interior, the paint. All of these things she began working on to make anew.

And her hard work has paid off...in spades. See?

While she had help with some things...

I mean, who wants their grandma up on a barn roof re-shingling?

She did a lot of the work herself.

Congratulations Grandma! You did a FABULOUS job!

Such a good job, that she was invited to showcase her barn in the 9th Annual Iowa All-State Barn Tour this September!

That's a big deal back in Iowa.

I know what you're thinking...and you're right...

We have a pretty cool grandma!

Love you Grandma!


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  2. Our grandma is kick ass!

    Don't you remember grandpa's old fire engines in the barn too?

  3. What a ROCKIN' barn ... LOVE it!! Your grandma is awesome :)

  4. Wow what a transformation. Way to go Darc's grandma!


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