Feelin' Fine in '09

The Morrow County Fair was last week...
Their theme was "Feelin' Fine in '09".

Clint must have been feelin' fine, because he had agreed to judge the steer show this past spring, so he spent Thursday and Friday here in town.

I admit, I was a little nervous when I found out Clint had agreed to judge Morrow's fair.

You see, not every child gets to have the Champion Steer, or be the Champion Showman. And sometimes the parents of those kids who didn't get those titles can get a little (or a lot!) upset. And while Clint gets to go home and back to work in Pilot Rock, I still have to come to work in Heppner and work with some of those parents...

So I was hoping he wouldn't screw this one up. :)

I'm just joking - Clint did a great job. But I figure I can tease him a little bit...

Anyway, Thursday afternoon I watched him judge the market classes, and then we hung around to watch slack, eat dinner, and go to the Murray's Beer & Wine Tasting and watch the Heppner FFA chapter raffle off different baskets for a fundraiser. (Which, the fundraiser went swimmingly!)


Side note to anyone who wasn't in Morrow County Thursday night....it poured here! We got over an inch at the house....which was awesome!

When you live in a county that gets about 10'' of rain a year, no one complains when it rains. Not even if it's during County Fair.


Friday was spent at the fair....Clint judged the showmanship classes, and then we both helped judge the Master Showmanship contest.

Saturday was spent hauling pairs to Terrebonne, pouring the pairs in Hermiston, and helping Beth breed the Heppner FFA's gilt. Then we headed back to the fair and caught the tail end of the rodeo with Lindsay and the rest of the Ag Exec officers who were at our house this weekend for their officer retreat.

Sunday we said our goodbye's to the OSU group (thanks again for the gift certificate!) and headed into Hermiston to pull bulls out of the pairs we have left here. After that we headed over to the Umatilla County Fair to help get ready for their fair this week.

Why so many fairs? - Heppner is in Morrow County, and Pilot Rock (where Clint teaches) is in Umatilla County.

This week Clint will stay in Hermiston and help with fair up there.
I'll have to ask him at the end of the week if he found 150 ways to have fun...

Have a great Monday!


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