Possibilities: Potentiality for favorable or interesting results.

I had intended for this post about the great calves have been sired by one of our herd sires we affectionately call "Orange Four".

Clint and I had taken an afternoon and videoed the calves, and then my intention was to edit that video through Movie Maker, and then post it.

As you can clearly tell, there is NOT a video of about-to-be-weaned-smokin'-good-Red-Angus-calves on this post...

But if anyone can let me know how to wrangle the DVD we shot and edit it, let me know.

I might just make you Beer Margaritas :)

But the future is not without possibilities.

There IS the possibility that I will get the video of those calves posted...

There IS the possibility that Orange Four will get looked at, and liked by an AI stud...

There IS the possibility that we will have to come up with a "new", more poignant name for "Orange Four"...

Somehow I don't think his registered name "Miss Mario 3452" is quite the ticket...


Possibilities are like this red barn.

At times, commonly wrapped packages waiting for someone to find their hidden beauty.

Our lives and experiences are such.

What package will you unwrap today?

What "barn" will you peek inside?

What possibilities lay waiting for you to take action?


William Ward said, "Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination."

Go ahead.

When no one (or everyone!) is watching...



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