Purple is her favorite color...

Clint and I went to the Oregon State Fair this weekend...

...and had a BLAST!

It was great to see all of our good friends we have missed since moving to Eastern Oregon.

And it's always nice to look at great cattle.


After spending Friday evening with my mom, Saturday we headed down to the state fair for the Hereford show.

Now as most of you know, normally Clint and I are not the biggest Hereford fans. However, this year one of our favorite 3 year olds happens to own a Hereford heifer named "Chanel".

Did I say a Smokin' - Good - Hereford - Heifer named Chanel?

Because I should have. So good, Chanel won the whole darn show!

Fallon set the bar pretty high for her parents (who raise rippin' good Angus cattle)...

Don't let her fool you. Purple is Fallon's favorite color. And boy, did Chanel bring home the purple!

But this 3 year old wasn't quite big enough to show Chanel, so Dawn (Fallon's mom) stepped in.

She's the second one from the left.
*Just a side note - Since Lindsay got a new camera, and I now get to use her old one, future pictures will be much more zoomed in. Yeah for a manual (and NOT digital) zoom feature!

Fallon celebrated by playing a game of "Cut the Pickle"...


After the Hereford show, we indulged my craving for Olive Garden....err, ate lunch....and then came back for the Red Angus Show.

Sunday we stopped by the Hinton's to see Vidalia's baby calf, Peter. No pictures, but you can take my word for it...he is a cutie!

Sunday afternoon we spent watching the rest of the Angus show and visiting with my dad. Congratulations to Gohr Angus who had a Division Champion in both the female and the bull show.

Then it was back home for another week of work & school.

And to end this post on a fun note...

Don't you love the faces kids make when you tell them to "Make a Funny Face"!

Happy Monday!


  1. so glad you had such a GREAT time!! Love the pictures & the PURPLE :)

    Have a GREAT week!

  2. hooray for a new camera too :)


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