Yesterday was rough...

5:15 am - I woke up to the smell of smoke...

Luckily, the fire was far from our house, and was being controlled...

6:50 am - Get to work early - things are looking good...

12:14 pm - Clint calls to say Katie (our dog) had ripped open her shoulder in the mountains...

12:21 pm - Phone call to the Pendleton vet = $400 quote (!)

12:23 pm - Phone call to the Lexington vet = $100 quote

12:26 pm - Phone call back to Clint to tell him I could get her in to the Lex vet at 5:15 pm

4:26 pm - Phone call from Emily saying she was heading in to a meeting in Heppner without Clint (they were supposed to carpool) - Clint was still in Pilot Rock working on a sow that was farrowing

4:55 pm - Clint calls to say he is on his way, but won't be to Heppner until after 6:00 pm

4:56 pm - I call the vet to tell them we can't get Katie there in time....they (wonderfully!) say to call when we get her to town to see if they are still around the office

5:06 pm - Joey calls to say that there are two pigs stuck in the sow that is farrowing, and they can't get them out..."What does Clint want us to do?"

5:11 pm - I get ahold of Clint at the top of Franklin Grade, and tell him to call Joey.

6:01 pm - Clint gets to town with Katie, drops her off with me at the office, and heads to his meeting.

7:14 pm - Clint calls to say his meeting is over, he is headed home, and to meet him at the top of the driveway.

7:18 pm - Joey calls to tell me the vet can't get the piglets out without putting the sow down.

7:21 pm - I get ahold of Clint on the top of the hill and tell him to call Joey.

8:00 pm - Both Clint and I meet at the top of our driveway. They had to put the sow down, but he thinks they'll be able to save most of the piglets.

That was a hard lesson for his's always hard to put down an animal, but even harder when students are attached to them.

8:01 pm - Clint heads to Pendleton with Emily to pick up his new truck and help Joey.

8:01 pm - I head down the hill to the house with Katie to figure out what to do with her shoulder.

8:45 pm - I get Katie's shoulder cleaned up (yeah for Betadine!), all of the cheat grass pulled out, and a bandage and antibiotic applied. She should be good to go for the night. See my skills....even as wiggly as sweet Katie is, it stayed on!

9:30 pm - Eat dinner.

9:54 pm - Clint gets home (in his new pickup - a bright spot in the day!) with Lidocaine and Ace. We decide the cut is probably past our skills, and decide to keep Katie bandaged and take her to the vet in the morning.

10:03 pm - Our heads hit the pillow. Hard.


But TODAY...

The smoke has lifted...

The dog is getting cared for at the vet...

Today's been a good day so far...

How about for you?



    Glad everything is ok ... and that pickup is BEAUTIFUL!! :)

    Love to you guys & dogs :)


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