Friday I woke up and zipped up to Ellensburg, where Clint was judging the Kittitas County Fair.

*Having never been to Ellensburg, I was excited to see what this town/fair/rodeo was all about.


These showmanship classes gave me a chance to play with my *new* camera and it's settings without Clint knowing I was taking his picture.

(See? No funny faces, or hands in front of his face in these pictures.)

I learned a lot this weekend taking pictures -

1. I am very good at taking blurry pictures. Hence only 2 focused pictures out of the 30 or so I took.

2. My *new* camera has some cool settings. Now I just need to figure out how to stabilize the camera while using it. (I even tried PW's elbows in, human tripod, but no luck.)

3. Green panels often get in the way of good pictures. But I thought it would be a little hoaky standing at the panels in front of the crowd to get a picture of Clint. That's more of a "my-daughter's-in-the-ring-and-I'm-the-mom-trying-to-get-a-good-picture" thing.

And I don't know if Clint would have ever let me come to another fair he was judging if I started hanging over panels to get a picture of him.

So I am left with these.

*This steer's eye balls look a little freaky. But he was a litle freaky himself. Poor kiddo - this steer liked to get away from him.


We were also treated to tickets to the Ellensburg Rodeo, from a very nice Washington FFA advisor who I do not know the name of. But thank you anyway!

None of us (Matt Kennedy was up there judging the hogs) had been to the Ellensburg Rodeo, but after watching slack on Friday, and the performance Friday night, we're ready to go back!

While the team ropers had a rough go of it (only 1 time w/o a broken barrier penalty), and a bull fighter taking a nasty ride in the air after getting hooked, the rest of the rodeo was great!

This rodeo had a HUGE grand entry ---

We had a great time in Ellensburg -

Great people, quality livestock and wonderful hospitality. You can't ask for a whole lot more!


  1. Looks like a fun time ... you guys always have fun ... I'm thinking you bring the fun with you wherever you go!

    Have a GREAT week Darcy!


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