Beaver Spirit.

Today, we showed our Beaver Spirit.

From the top of Reser stadium, we cheered the Beav's on.

(And when I say top, I mean top. Like we were in Row 82 of 82. But there was tons of space, and we had a pretty good view.)

Clint and I.

For those of you who haven't met Betsy...

Well, that's too bad.

She's the bomb-diggity. Really.

And we were stoked to get to see her (briefly!) at the College of Ag Round Up Tent...

We love you Besty!

Lindsay was representing the College of Ag this morning...

She's an Ambassador, and the President of the OSU Ag. Executive Council...

And she's pretty cool too.

But you already knew that.

Tailgating across from Reser (thanks Matt & TJ!)...

Tom Flynn & Clint.

Two peas in a pod today.

Orange striped polo...Same Verizon cell phone...Same Cinch jeans....funny!

Lane & Kelsey. They hung out with us at the top.

Carley & Randie.

Lovin' them some cookies.

Lindsay & I enjoying some "beer margaritas".

The Beaver endzone...we found it today!

26 to 19.

Success is Reason Enough.
Go Beavs!


  1. I like to think of the top as box seats without the box! Thanks for coming, love ya!

  2. Awesome pictures and so fun to see!!!

    Nice to see all of you having such a nice time.

    Only in Oregon can Orange be that cool! :) I think Oregon State made Hiredman's favorite color be orange.

    Have a fantastic day!

  3. Great picture of you two too!!!!

  4. LOVE the pictures!! Looks like a successful weekend :)


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