Hello new friends.

We've been pretty blessed this year to have lots of good friends come and stay with us for a few days out here in the middle of Eastern Oregon...

And sometimes when those good friends left, they left us a little brown envelope with a gift certificate inside to one of our favorite stores.

Not that they needed to. We LOVE having friends over and don't want anything in return.


Most of you know where we live. It's an effort for friends to come visit, and so we feel like we can only return that effort with a warm bed, and hopefully a well cooked meal.

(Although you never know about my cooking!)

But, if our friends are so inclined, I'm not one to turn away a thank you note. Or a gift certificate tucked inside.


So this Saturday Clint and I were running errands in town when we saw this sign:

"Hamley's Half Yearly Sale on Now!"

And guess who was waiting for us at Hamley's?

My new friends.

AKA...new Anderson Bean lizard skin, square toed, double stitched, super comfortable new friends!

So thanks to my sister Lindsay and the rest of the OSU girls, and Keely & Nick. We used your gift certificates for these puppies.

(And I do mean we....Clint let me use all of the certificates for something only for me. What a great guy!)

And the only bad part of the day was that they didn't have any sale boots in Clint's size....

But you can bet I'll be sporting these when we head down to Vegas for NFR! (And hopefully we can find Clint a pair just as nice down there!)


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