It's Friday!

And while this week was filled with lots of:

* Tylenol Cold Medicine
* DayQuill
* NyQuill
* Tylenol PM
* A New Vicks Vaporizer
* Ice Packs
* Trips to the Doctor
* More generic cold medicine (so many people are sick in town, that the regular cold medicine couldn't be ordered in fast enough!)...

It was also filled with:

* Rest for Clint
* A productive week at work for me
* And the prospect of a great weekend ahead of us!


Clint is feeling quite a bit better (but his ribs are still bothering him)...

I haven't gotten too sick yet...

And we have a birthday party (yeah for *2* year old Cameron!) tonight and the infamous Pilot Rock vs. Heppner football game after that.

Join with me in a round of applause for Friday!

(I was waiting for you all week!)


  1. Yeahhhh...sounds like the PERFECT Friday evening to me! So hoping and praying that nasty bug leaves your area soon! Sweet blessings!

  2. and what a GREAT Friday it was! :)

    Hope you have a {sick-free} week friends ~

  3. I'm wondering if we are all getting old when Hometown football games are our excitement????? :)

    Glad to hear "The Golden Child" is feeling better!!!


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