Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs introduced me to the term last night.

Greek for: "A sudden turn of events, or an unexpected reversal."


One Saturday morning in 2006, I was leading a group of FFA members in orange t-shirts. We were crammed onto a yellow school bus and were headed to a squash field in Maryland. Over 300 FFA members from across the nation had flown to D.C., and after 5 days of growth and learning, we were headed to glean a 70 acre field of squash owned by a farmer that had donated that portion of his crop to those in need. It was our job to pick and bag all of the squash from those 70 acres.

It took us 2 hours.

We filled a semi.


I didn't know it then. I'm still not sure if I'm 100% able to fully grasp the concept now.

Servant leadership.

The highest form of leadership one can know.

What once was such an active and present concept, had slipped a little in the mental line up since that summer.

Until last night.


In the Conseco Fieldhouse, this picture (the orange one in the middle) flashed up on the big screen.



Young. Naive. Eager. Alive.

And quite frankly, physically exhausted.

It was the fifth straight week of WLC conferences. Five hours of sleep a day for the past two months was starting to get to me.

But that day I was practicing servant leadership with 300 other FFA members from across the country. The young man beside me is from Oklahoma, and was one of the most mature members that came through our conference that year.

(The one giving the bunny ears....well, frankly I can't remember who he is.)

And last night, when I saw this picture, it all came flashing back in a rush.

An authentic leader.

Makes things better.

By serving others.

And what had not even been on my mental radar yesterday...

Is now front and center.





  1. What an inspiring post...!!! How fun to suddenly be brought back to a great memory! is a GREAT thing! Hope your day is filled with many Sweet blessings!!!

  2. We love Dirty Jobs. One kid here even dressed up as the host during homecoming week for favorite T.V. charcter.


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