Monday, November 30, 2009


Silly, smiling kiddo's.

A "tear" of strawberry joy!

And a few silly, smiling adults.

Who knew lunch at the Stanfield Pilot could be so fun?

Friday, November 27, 2009


This post is a little belated, because the last two days have been spent...

Driving to see family.
Catching up.
Eating a wonderful family meal.
Taking a nap.
Waking up and driving to the Woodburn outlets at 10:00 pm last night.
Shopping again this morning.
Finding some pretty great deals...
...including a new TV for Clint's classroom.
A new TV so cool that I want him to "forget" to take it to school.
Spending a fun day with my sister and Clint.
Coming home, eating leftovers and chatting with my mom.
Working out to the new 30 Minute Shred video tonight.
(Umm, which this video is awesome, and I so need it. Why I waited until a week before we left for NFR to do this, I do not know. But I did.)
And tomorrow we're headed to see my dad and spend time with him.

I'm so thankful.
I've been given a lot.

A wonderful family, great friends, a loving man, a job that challenges me, and a beautiful home to live in.

Thankful, I am.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving.

And a special notes of thanks: Clint's sister's husband (did 'ya follow that?) got called back to his job at the railroad Wednesday after a series of lay offs. We are so THANKFUL for this great news!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So lately, I've been a bit obsessed with making jewelry.

Nothing fancy, really. Just simple necklaces and bracelets from beads I've picked up on Ebay or at the craft store.

Most of the things I've been making are for myself, for when we head down to the NFR.

(Because I'm cheap like that....who wants to pay $50 for a necklace when they can make the same thing for $10?)

And today, one of the gals here in the office reminded me that it's only 1 month until Christmas!

I know....can you believe it?

So I've been scrambling to find more turquoise beads...can you guess what I'll be giving the girls this year?

Monday, November 23, 2009


Raise your hand if you woke up tired....

(hand raised)

It's Monday....not a good day to start off tired.

But I shouldn't complain. And for the remainder of this post, well...I won't.

This weekend was full....when I wasn't sure if it would be.

Full of friendship and a most needed listening ear (thanks Linds!).

Full of FFA activities, a hockey game and helping Clint with school stuff.

Full of grocery shopping and laundry (gotta love those two!).


Was your weekend full?


I'm betting that it was. And I bet this next week is full for you too.

But hopefully as we chug along through these next couple of days, we can look towards this weekend and the fullness of family, friends, traditions and a good meal!

Speaking of a good meal, who's ready to break out the fat pants?

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Let me tell you - it's been a great year.

Filled with so much of the good, a little bit of the bad, and not too much of the ugly.

This year has helped me grow in more ways than one.


A year filled with new friends and old friendships made stronger.

A year of "settling in", and discovering a less stressful lifestyle.

A year filled with lots of laughter, a few struggles, and great memories.


I'm officially a little bit older today.

Hopefully a little bit wiser...

And absolutely thankful for all that I've been given.

Happy Trails, 26.

27....Bring it on.

I've got a feeling that this next year is going to be one to remember.

(Thanks Lindsay for the picture.)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Sold....was the word of the night.

The auctioneer was a 'hummin, and the bids were flying!

And at the end of the night, over $22,000 was raised by the Hermiston FFA Alumni.


And never have I seen a huckleberry cheesecake sell for over $300....true!

Death by Chocolate was a little went for $260.

Crazy. But all for a great cause.


Clint, Anna, Terry, RJ & Sandy, and the Linnell's all sat together...

(I was helping with the registration and check out, so I missed out on the fun...)

Oh, but I did sneak away from the computers for a quick second to hold RJ & Sandy's new little baby boy, Royce. (Seen here with his Grandpa.)

Could a brand new baby be any cuter?

Yes, a brand new baby with a faux-hawk can be cuter!

Congrats to the Hermiston FFA Alumni, kudos to Emily Herringshaw, the auction coordinator, and a nod to those who participated last Saturday.

The future of FFA is brighter because of them!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scales and Snow.

I wanted to start this post by asking...

"How many men does it take to install a scale?"

But I will refrain....kind of.

Congrats to Karl and his new cattle scale.

It only took three men, two tractors and a skidsteer to get it moved into place.

But it's there...and I have a hunch it isn't going anywhere any time soon!

I snapped these pictures right when we got to Karl's, and then ditched the guys to go hang out with Mason, Mack and KJ in the house.

We had a grand 'ole time playing.

And on the way home from the Jensen's, it started to snow!

The snow was still here this morning (about an inch), but I'm pretty sure it will be gone in an hour or two.

Happy Thursday!

May it be as bright and as beautiful as the snow was this morning on top of Franklin Grade.

Monday, November 9, 2009


It all started when a random lady walked by my friend Raney & I at the Marriott in Indy...

She was wearing this sweet necklace, with an FFA pendant on it.

After she walked by, Raney & I turned to each other, and were like "Did you see that necklace!"

So we walked up to the lady wearing the necklace (who was in line at this point for Starbucks) and were like...

"Excuse us ma'am. We're not crazy, but we were wondering if we could look at your necklace?"

And to which she so kindly replied "Of course. Here, I'll even take it off if you want a picture of it!"

So we took the picture.

(We found out we weren't the first to ask to see her necklace, and I'm sure we weren't the last either.)

After she gave us the low-down on how the pendant was made, we said "thanks & goodbye" and let that poor lady drink her Starbucks!


After I got home, I started thinking about different ways I could take the same idea, and incorporate it into other necklaces.

So when my sister came out this weekend to visit, I asked her if she could pick up some OSU stickers at the bookstore on campus.

She did, and after picking up some beads in the Tri-Cities, we got to crafting!

This is actually the same necklace, but I made the pendant two sided, so you could just reverse the necklace and get two uses out of it.

We had the best time making these!

My next project is to help Clint's FFA kids make different necklaces to sell as a fundraiser...

Let me tell ya, he was 'real thrilled when I told him that. : )

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Need a laugh?

Well, if you don't...

Just hit that little red X in the top right corner.

Otherwise keep scrolling.

I present you:

"Halloween in Corvallis"

(I know, I'm about a week late. But if you're like could probably use a little humor this week.)

College kids can be so creative....

It cracks me up how oblivious Clint looks in this picture!


Lindsay's good friend (and ours we'd like to think) Hoffy dressed up as one of the Golden Girls.

I'll let you decide which one she looks like the most.

But my vote is for Blanche. :)

Her costume did need some "adjusting".

Have a GREAT Saturday!

Hopefully we can all start it off with a smile!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Today I am reminded that there are some (or many) things that I cannot control.

I cannot control other people's reactions.

I cannot control how other people process and disseminate information.

I cannot control airplane schedules...or Tri-Met schedules.

(Clint missed his flight to Nebraska yesterday morning but thankfully he got booked on a later flight.)

I cannot control how others perceive me.


I can control who I am, how I act and how I handle situations.

I can control how I spend and plan my time.

I can control who I surround myself. (Thank you friends and are fabulous!)

I can control my attitude.


And while I can't control what day of the week it is....

I am so thankful today is Friday.

My sister's coming out this weekend to spend some "down" time.

We have four missions.

1. Sleep in.
2. Make some jewelry. (I'll post pics next week.)
3. Go to Tri-Cities and shop a little.
4. Help Karl pick out a calf for Steer-A-Year.

I'm sure we'll find other things to do, but our focus is mainly on relaxing.

I hope you can each find a way to relax this weekend, and as Lindsay reminded us this morning, I hope you can find something to be thankful for.

I know I am thankful for many things. But I did need her reminder this morning! :)