It all started when a random lady walked by my friend Raney & I at the Marriott in Indy...

She was wearing this sweet necklace, with an FFA pendant on it.

After she walked by, Raney & I turned to each other, and were like "Did you see that necklace!"

So we walked up to the lady wearing the necklace (who was in line at this point for Starbucks) and were like...

"Excuse us ma'am. We're not crazy, but we were wondering if we could look at your necklace?"

And to which she so kindly replied "Of course. Here, I'll even take it off if you want a picture of it!"

So we took the picture.

(We found out we weren't the first to ask to see her necklace, and I'm sure we weren't the last either.)

After she gave us the low-down on how the pendant was made, we said "thanks & goodbye" and let that poor lady drink her Starbucks!


After I got home, I started thinking about different ways I could take the same idea, and incorporate it into other necklaces.

So when my sister came out this weekend to visit, I asked her if she could pick up some OSU stickers at the bookstore on campus.

She did, and after picking up some beads in the Tri-Cities, we got to crafting!

This is actually the same necklace, but I made the pendant two sided, so you could just reverse the necklace and get two uses out of it.

We had the best time making these!

My next project is to help Clint's FFA kids make different necklaces to sell as a fundraiser...

Let me tell ya, he was 'real thrilled when I told him that. : )


  1. Those are simply GREAT! How fun...and what a GREAT fundraising idea for the kids...something new & different & oh, so cool for them! Does he know what a lucky guy he is to have your help ??? Hope your week is filled with GOOD things! Sweet blessings!

  2. WOW! That is AWESOME! You are one crafty, handy lady!! :) Lots of love to you ~

  3. What a cool necklace. Isn't it fun to be crafty?


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