Raise your hand if you woke up tired....

(hand raised)

It's Monday....not a good day to start off tired.

But I shouldn't complain. And for the remainder of this post, well...I won't.

This weekend was full....when I wasn't sure if it would be.

Full of friendship and a most needed listening ear (thanks Linds!).

Full of FFA activities, a hockey game and helping Clint with school stuff.

Full of grocery shopping and laundry (gotta love those two!).


Was your weekend full?


I'm betting that it was. And I bet this next week is full for you too.

But hopefully as we chug along through these next couple of days, we can look towards this weekend and the fullness of family, friends, traditions and a good meal!

Speaking of a good meal, who's ready to break out the fat pants?

Happy Monday!


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