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I present you:

"Halloween in Corvallis"

(I know, I'm about a week late. But if you're like could probably use a little humor this week.)

College kids can be so creative....

It cracks me up how oblivious Clint looks in this picture!


Lindsay's good friend (and ours we'd like to think) Hoffy dressed up as one of the Golden Girls.

I'll let you decide which one she looks like the most.

But my vote is for Blanche. :)

Her costume did need some "adjusting".

Have a GREAT Saturday!

Hopefully we can all start it off with a smile!


  1. Looks like Halloween in Corvalis is way more fun then Halloween in Gordon! Ok we had a good time but I didn't see anyone dressed up like the one behind the Golden Child. And if I did I would not have been oblivious to it! :)


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