Scales and Snow.

I wanted to start this post by asking...

"How many men does it take to install a scale?"

But I will refrain....kind of.

Congrats to Karl and his new cattle scale.

It only took three men, two tractors and a skidsteer to get it moved into place.

But it's there...and I have a hunch it isn't going anywhere any time soon!

I snapped these pictures right when we got to Karl's, and then ditched the guys to go hang out with Mason, Mack and KJ in the house.

We had a grand 'ole time playing.

And on the way home from the Jensen's, it started to snow!

The snow was still here this morning (about an inch), but I'm pretty sure it will be gone in an hour or two.

Happy Thursday!

May it be as bright and as beautiful as the snow was this morning on top of Franklin Grade.


  1. Hey friend! Thanks for taking pictures ... I wondered what the adventure was like :)

  2. You guys can keep the snow!!!


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