This post is a little belated, because the last two days have been spent...

Driving to see family.
Catching up.
Eating a wonderful family meal.
Taking a nap.
Waking up and driving to the Woodburn outlets at 10:00 pm last night.
Shopping again this morning.
Finding some pretty great deals...
...including a new TV for Clint's classroom.
A new TV so cool that I want him to "forget" to take it to school.
Spending a fun day with my sister and Clint.
Coming home, eating leftovers and chatting with my mom.
Working out to the new 30 Minute Shred video tonight.
(Umm, which this video is awesome, and I so need it. Why I waited until a week before we left for NFR to do this, I do not know. But I did.)
And tomorrow we're headed to see my dad and spend time with him.

I'm so thankful.
I've been given a lot.

A wonderful family, great friends, a loving man, a job that challenges me, and a beautiful home to live in.

Thankful, I am.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving.

And a special notes of thanks: Clint's sister's husband (did 'ya follow that?) got called back to his job at the railroad Wednesday after a series of lay offs. We are so THANKFUL for this great news!


  1. Thank you thank you for sharing our wonderful news and being thankful for it for us!

    We are so thankful that Rob is back and he's glad to be surrounded again by his coworkers and I'm thrilled to be covered again by the benefits!

  2. Praise God about his job!! So thankful ... and you, my friend, have blessed so many others just by being you!

    SO THANKFUL for you!


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