I'm not going to pretend I know what love is for everyone...

But for me, it's about steadfastness, and constant effort.

Progressing. Working. Striving.

Giving completely and selflessly.

Weathering the valleys, and celebrating the mountains.

Never giving up.


Still getting butterflies every night when he comes home. Still!

Feeling safe and assured.

Being joyous. Happy. Hopeful.

Working hard towards dreams and goals.

Together. United. Committed.


And while I don't think he was speaking directly about love, it's like Abraham Lincoln said...

"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."


I'm planted. Standing firm. Striving to love (and grow!) every day.


  1. Love the photos Darci they are really cute.

  2. Love it...
    Your dedication. Your commitment.
    You are on that road to life long satisfaction.

  3. I Love your photos...they turned out beautiful...but, then, I think you two make a perfect, beautiful couple! So smiling at this post....What a great way to look at love & a keep your feet planted !!! Have a GREAT Friday! Sweet blessings!

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  5. Darc-

    It does my heart to good to read this post. I am so happy you are in the "Golden Child's" life and through that you are in ours too! The Renegades love you and we are so thankful for how good you are to them.

    The pictures are great!!!! Really you guys should be so happy with them.

    RK and the Renegades :)

    (I had to delete my other post I used past tense you know had instead of has.)

  6. LOVE this!! And it was so fun to take the pics :)

    You are a GREAT team!! :)


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