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Clint and I hung out with Mack and Mason this weekend.

I think we both learned a lot.

Biggest lesson: Kids take a lot of energy.

But they're worth it! And we had a total blast.

We went to the feed store, fed the pigs, checked on the steers and made sure everything was OK before heading home to eat dinner and watch a few cartoons.

Disclaimer: No Murdock child was harmed (or in immediate danger) during the taking of these pictures :)

"Look, when you turn this key, it moves!"

"Darcy & Clint wouldn't feed us, so we had to eat hay for lunch."

"Here bully, bully!"

I mean, what their mom doesn't know, can't hurt her....right?

Just joking, Lindsay! :)

We had the best time....thanks for letting us steal them for the day!


  1. Thank you for this gift!! What a BLESSING you two were ... and are to us so often!

    Love you friends - Merry Christmas!

  2. Those pictures are priceless...great captures and captions....and what a sweet gift to give Ian & Lindsay! Someday your kids are going to be very lucky to get to share in all our "farm" adventures! Hope your holidays are GREAT! Sweet blessings!


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