I thought this post was going to be about the great time we had in Vegas.

Don't you worry...I'll be posting pictures of Vegas and the NFR next!

Instead, it's a post about a ring and a promise.

Clint asked me to marry him Sunday morning.

It was perfect the way he asked.

Just the two of us. A ring box.

Simple. Honest. Us.

Four words.

"Will you marry me?"

Asked with loving eyes, hands intertwined with mine, and a soft voice.

I (of course!) said yes.

Yes to happily ever after.

Yes to a life filled with joy, hard work, love and commitment.

Yes, yes, yes!

And then after I said yes, tears promptly filled my eyes.

Tears of joy!

I kind of surprised myself, and I think Clint with the tears. But I was so surprised, so happy, and a bit overcome.


We don't know the where, or the when yet.

That will come though.

Until then, we're focused on us and our happiness!


  1. We are so, so, so excited for you guys!! Let the fun of planning and wishing and hoping begin :)

    Love you both ~ Linds & the boys

  2. We are all so thrilled!!!!!!
    But truly not surprised you two complement each other so well! It was never a question if! Just when!!! Finally
    Yeah for you guys! Can't wait for the babies;)

  3. Ha ha...I was wondering when the baby questions were going to start flying : )

    One thing at a time...hopefully :p

  4. We are thrilled to be adding you to the family. Can't wait to hear the when and where and all that!!


  5. So, sooooo happy for you! I think you two make such a sweet couple! May each day of this new adventure be filled with LOVE, happiness, and many, many Sweet blessings! Congratulations..and Happy Engagement!

    P.S. Nice rock too :D


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