Unfortunately, was not a word that was uttered by me last night.

Actually, it was much the opposite. By the end of the night, I'd racked up 11 big losses.

And while I did get 7 wins, none of them were due to my luck of the dice (thanks partners!).

But we all had a great time, laughed a bunch, ate good food, and enjoyed Beer Margaritas!

And really, that's what Bunko's all about.

Although, to be perfectly honest, as the host this month, I did think about keeping the prizes I had purchased back in December at the NFR for myself, and running out and grabbing something different.

But then I thought to myself, "Maybe I'll win one, and then I won't have to go buy new prizes. Yeah! Maybe I'll win one."

Umm...as we know from above, no winning occurred here. Shoot!

But I'm happy to say that Lindsay did win last night...

Even if what she did win was the Boobie prize (biggest loser award).

There's always next month!


  1. now ... that is just the loveliest picture of a "loser" I've ever seen!

    ** I love my prize by the way!! :)

  2. love it....Didn't think she got much of a boobie prize though....Great time!!! thanks


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