A new day.

Normally during this time of year, Clint and I both drive to and from work in the dark.

But this morning, due to some scheduling, I came to work an hour later than normal and I was able to drive in the light!

Stopping just short of the gate at the top of our driveway, I snapped this picture.

Maybe it's elevated seratonin levels or some other chemical reaction in my brain....

or the extra hour of sleep I got last night (most likely)...

but driving to work in the light gave me extra energy today.

Here's to a light-filled day and a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOVE this!! :) and the picture is FANTASTIC!!

    Have a Blessed weekend! Love you guys ~

  2. Rob's work scheduled changed so he's driving to work now in the afternoon. We are still thankful he's driving to work!


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