Rising above.

Oh, has this week been a week.

And I guess I'm not really complaining, because it's not like this week has been super hard, or frustrating or filled with bad news.

It's just been a constant effort. Long hours. Mentally challenging.

But, today is Friday, Friday, glorious Friday!

And I don't know if there was ever a better time for a 3-day weekend!


And just like the fog has lifted this week...

Because it has been a foggy mess here this week!

The stress of this week will lift too.

I just know that next week will have a better pace to it.

Marathon shoes will be worn all week...and I'm going to try and keep the sprinting shoes still tucked away.

Oh, and this guy and I -

Well, we're getting married.....someday....when we get around to setting a date.

I'm headed to the Portland Bridal Show with my mom and sister tomorrow.

This whole wedding thing is still a bit "foggy" in my head, but hopefully this trip will help kick start the planning.

Have a great (and clear!) weekend!


  1. Amen sister! This has definitely been "a week"

    Have the best time with your mom & Linds :)

    Great photos!!

  2. Have a wonderful fun filled day filled with visions of satin and lace!

  3. OMG! I am sooooo excited for you! This feeling I remember like it was yesterday! Have fun feeling like a princess!

  4. Hope you found the PERFECT dress..or at least had tons of fun trying them all on! Sweet blessings!


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