2010 Bulls

The Lorenzen Bull Sale is right around the corner, so Clint and I spent last Sunday afternoon walking through the bulls.

Since the last time we walked through the pens, the bulls have been scanned (ultrasounded for rib-eye area, backfat and marbling) and sorted into lot order.

We were excited to see how they've progressed.


This is Lot #35 - He's out of a Mario bred bull we call Orange 4 and Cherokee Canyon cow we call 3450. For those of you who know 3450, she loves to be scratched - and her calf takes after her gentleness.

This is Lot #47 - He's also out of Orange 4 and a Grand Canyon cow we call 5580. This one was Clint's favorite heading into the test - a complete package.

Then there's Lot #69 - I'm going to go out on a limb and call this one Thayne's favorite. He's a Mission Statement out of a Major League cow we call 5588 - and he's got numbers to burn.

And my favorite since day 1 - Lot #104 - Teddy Bear! He's another Orange 4 out of a great Paradox cow we call 6603.

I didn't get a very good picture of him (or any pictures of Lot 156) - while I was trying to get this bull off by himself and profiled, Clint called me over to help sort another bull off that needed to be doctored. But I couldn't leave him out - no matter how bad the picture is. :)

This is Lot 121 - A Commander out of a Cherokee Canyon first calf heifer. Not to bad for her first calf!

And my favorite of the day -

I love this picture of Clint evaluating the cattle - it's what he loves and is so good at.


We won't be able to be at the sale Thursday due to work schedules, but hopefully we'll be able to catch up with everyone at the dinner Wednesday night.

Success is Reason Enough!


  1. Man, that boss of yours won't even give you Thursday off? ;-)

    Hope your guys do well at the sale!

  2. well, you captured them :) nice work :)

    here's to a productive sale (for all of us) {grin}


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