A blur.

Hello February! Can you believe it's February already?

January seemed to fly by in a blur....

- Pigs were born. And a sow we thought would farrow in January - well, didn't. So now we'll be getting February pigs. (I'm sure they'll be just as nice.)

- Workshops were attended. And this month we'll be headed to the bull sales.

- We started sign ups for a crop disaster program at work. And we'll still be taking sign ups in February....and March....and April....and....well you get the picture.

- Snow fell. Water froze. And then the next week we had 60 degree weather. But it wouldn't last. More snow would fall.

- I've stuck to at least one of my resolutions and was able to get to church twice this month - hopefully I can double that number in February.

- Christmas presents were (finally!) mailed. Birthday presents are coming right around the corner.

- Speaking of Christmas....January was NOT the month I took down my Christmas decorations, but I'm pretty sure February will be :)


Goodbye January 2010 - and HELLO February. Bring on the month for lovers!


  1. A blur is right ... and I'm so thankful you've been enjoying church and want to double your appearance :)

    Here's to a fun-filled February!

  2. How fun to get to enjoy your Christmas decorations for more than one month! :D So hope February is filled with magical moments surrounded with Love & many Sweet blessings!

  3. You can take down your Christmas and put up your Valentine's decorations.


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