Well, kind of....

Clint's birthday was last Saturday and I had told him that I wanted to take him out to dinner.

(What I didn't tell him what that I'd also invited a bunch of our friends to join us.)

So I called everyone up, and asked them to meet at La Palma in Hermiston.

And then once I had everyone called - I called La Palma to make a reservation.

Turns out La Palma doesn't take reservations for Saturday nights.


So we changed the location to El Erradero in Stanfield - which is pretty much our favorite Mexican restaurant here, but not as convenient for everyone coming.

And when I called El Erradero (first!) to make a reservation, the conversation went like this:

Them: "Bueno" (Heavy spanish accent.)

Me: "Hi there, I'd like to make a reservation for 18 for this coming Saturday evening."

Them: "No english. Bye!" (Click)

So I took my chances (they're usually not that full anyway - even though their food is great!) and called everyone up to change the location.

I shouldn't have worried - we had a ton of room (like the whole restaurant) and a heck of a time!

While it wasn't totally a surprise (he got pretty suspicious when after a few normal phone calls, no one would tell him where they were), Clint absolutely loved getting to see everyone.

And we even got to sing Happy Birthday to Clint while he was wearing a sombrero -


Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with us!

We really enjoyed getting to visit with everyone - we love all of you!


  1. Smiling at the photos...I can tell you did a great job...and it totally was FUN! Sweet blessings!

  2. Could you have cropped some of those pics...OMG!!!We had a great time...
    Glad my husband was soooo entertaining.
    Maybe sometime, he can tell the "banana hammock" story sober...

  3. so thankful to be a part of the celebration ... and I sported ORANGE just for him :)

    Happy Birthday Clint - the next trip around the sun is going to be brighter than ever :)

    We love you ~ the Murdock crew!

  4. Awesome picture!!! I almost missed it. Glad your party was a success!!!!


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