As this is auto-posting, we are driving to Idaho to look at bulls, visit good friends, meet Wade & Cara's brand new baby girl Paisley (love, love, love that name!), and see the Charolais cows that I haven't had a chance to see since the Fall of 2007 when we shipped them to Wade & Cara in American Falls.

I have loved the Multitude Monday posts friends and others have been writing....For their way of speaking thanks and their way of recording small moments to reflect on in the future.

This week I'm posting these on Friday, but I'm going to keep doing this starting next Monday.


Committed - My word for 2010.

Resolution # 1 - Living life fully - and being thankful for all I've been given.


So here goes...

1. For the life I get to live.

2. A hand written note card in the mail and the way it lifted the end of a long day.

3. Multiple evenings this week socializing with friends.

4. For my soon to be husband and the way he loves me. He is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

5. For great conversations on the cell phone, even if I am driving illegally. :)

6. An expected package from JC Penney with an extra, well fitting, surprise.

7. A significant other who had already forgiven me the next morning over my grumpiness about having a conversation in bed the night before when all I wanted to do was sleep.

8. For Baxter Auto (trustingly) leaving a new starter outside the store door for my Camry when I couldn't make it there by closing.

9. For Clint knowing that I probably don't need the new (ie. expensive) starter, but probably just a new (less expensive) battery.

10. For returns!

11. For a third vehicle.

12. Not eating a single fried item (yet) during Lent.

13. For finding other ways to eat hummus and guacamole. (Ummm...when I gave up fried foods I did NOT realize that I was giving up corn tortilla chips - ugh!)

14. A dentist appointment that went just as planned - no extra "surprises" this time!

15. Health and dental insurance.

16. Wine tasting. Live music. A great friend to share it with.

17. Others understanding why we still "hadn't made it" by the 4th quarter of the game.

18. A job that challenges and rewards me.

19. For Costco cookies and their ease when you "need to bring something".

20. A great dad who turned 60 this week. Happy Birthday again Dad!

holy experience

*** My mom and grandma flew out yesterday for a once-in-a-lifetime two week trip to Australia. I'd be thankful if you kept them in your thoughts.


  1. Hooray!! I'm {thankful} you're doing this too! And GP was GREAT ... thanks for sharing it with me :)

    Hope you had a GREAT weekend and that your Monday was {successful}!

    Love you friend ~


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