AI School

Last weekend, Clint helped put on an AI school at the local community college.

11 people showed up for two days of fun and excitement.


11 people learned how to artificially inseminate cows.

Some were high school students. Some were ranchers. Some wanted more livestock experience.

Everyone did really well (passing a cow's cervix is NOT as easy as it looks!) and hopefully they'll remember Clint's opening comment....

"When breeding - have patience and be consistent."

Here's to a successful breeding season!


  1. wow ... those kids are braver than I am :) GREAT pics of a GREAT day!

  2. Wow! I wish I could of came just to watch :D I like to gain my knowledge that way vs. the actualy practicing :D ha, ha...And, nice photo a the Powder River Squeeze chute too...maybe you should send that to the company for them to use in one of their catalogs :D Hope you have a great week! Sweet blessings!


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