This weekend was full.

Full of activity, growth, learning, and great friendships.

Full of laughter, cows, manure and hard work.


There are others who don't lead a full life. Those who don't or won't fill the extra hours in a day.

I can't begin to imagine a life like that. And for that, I am thankful.


And for....

40. This wonderful weather!

41. Arriving home before dark almost every night after work last week.

42. The curiosity of children. And ability to be thrilled with finding "treasures" found in a parking lot.

43. Clint. I am so proud of him, and continue to be impressed daily.

44. 11 people who furiously and willingly threw themselves into an A.I. (artificial insemination) clinic this past weekend. (Post w/ more pictures later this week.)

45. A (fabulous!) dinner at Cimmyoti's. Thanks again CRC.

46. A carwash and oil change. Even if it was 3,000 miles overdue.

47. Conversation surrounded by the (music) of xylophones.

48. $2.99 basil plants.

49. Great recipes to fall back on....even at 11:00 pm at night.

50. The many friends and true friendships we have.

Photo by Lindsay Murdock

51. A great (great!) day spent in the Murdock's branding pen and working cows.

Photos by Gary Sundberg

52. Safety. He was looking over all of us yesterday. Multiple times.

53. Whipped cream cheese frosting from a can.

54. New friendships.

55. Advil.

56. Cell phones. And sometimes, more importantly, cell service.

57. The amazing depth and breadth of knowledge our good friend "Doc" (Dr. Garcia) has, and his willingness to share and help others.

58. My wonderful job. And the great people I get to serve.

59. Homemade meals and a handsome man to share them with.

holy experience


  1. I heard you were amazing yesterday...so, so, wish I could of been there taking it all in...(as in watching...not working...ha, ha) I'm thinking the Murdocks are equally blessed by you! Hope your week is filled with many Sweet blessings!

  2. FULL. That's the best word for it!

    Full of blessings.
    Full of fun.
    Full of friends.
    Full of goodness.

    Thanks for being {full} with us!! :)


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