I got home early last night.

And as I pulled into the driveway, only one dog ran out to greet me.

When normally it is two.

I called.

"Katie! Katie! Come here girl!"

Nothing. Nothing.

I ran inside and began calling the neighbors.

No one had seen her, but they'd keep an eye out they all graciously said.

Mind running. Where is she?

Two years ago, when we first moved into our big yellow house, both dogs wandered down to the neighbors.

(And I use the term wandering loosely....our neighbor to the east is 7 miles away, and our neighbor to the west is over 7 miles away.)

I got back in my car, and started up our mile and a half long driveway, and then down the grade, honking my horn to get her attention and calling her name.


I turned around at Vinson (now dark) and headed back up the grade.

Honking. Praying. Calling. Praying.

Clint came home and we tried to figure out where she could be.




Went to bed praying for our little dog who loves to be loved and petted, who we always joke about giving to a good family with kids because she isn't the best at working cattle but is great around kids.

I take all of the jokes back.

I prayed that she wasn't cold or hungry or thirsty.

I prayed that she still be alive.

I prayed that I would wake up this morning, and she'd be on the front porch with her little tongue sticking out.

Yet this morning, nothing.


Come home Katie Mae....we're lost without you.


  1. oh my goodness ... my heart just dropped!! Praying with you ... come home Katie Mae is right!!

  2. Ohhhh...I hope she's home when you get home!


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