Road trip warriors.

21. For the great employees at Les Schwab. And their ability to swap out an old battery for a new one in under 15 minutes.

22. My Camry's fuel mileage. We covered almost 1,000 miles this weekend on less than $100 bucks worth of gasoline.

23. A safe trip.

24. Sweet, precious, petite baby Paisley. So thankful to meet, hold and cuddle her this weekend.

25. A strong desire to have babies as wonderful as our friends'. And a future husband who wants them just as much.

26. For Wade and Cara and all that they do. We're blessed to have them as partners. And more importantly, as friends.

27. The ability to crash a dinner party - who knew we had it in us? :)

28. Wagyu meatballs. Wagyu roast. Wagyu anything!

29. For friendships that never grow old. Even if you only get to catch up once or twice a year.

30. Breakfast. And funny conversations.

31. Feedlot tours. Fat cattle. REALLY fat cattle.

32. For the many great people at Spring Cove Ranch.

33. For Stacey Butler's cooking skills - I learn a new recipe everytime we stay there!

34. A customer who is still pleased with their herd sire prospect.

35. A herd sire who has thrown some pretty exciting and unique calves.

36. My Worthington Curvy Fit dress pants. These were a life saver this morning.

37. Anything that requires zero ironing.

38. A night spent in our own bed. Even if it wasn't the Small's feather bed.

39. For home. And views like the one this morning.

holy experience


  1. :) Love your list of things to be thankful for! Hope it grows & grows & grows every day! Sweet blessings!


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