Last week was like a bad game of Hide and Seek.

Except for I didn't know where to start seeking.

Hiding: Our dog.

Hiding (or rather, stolen): Clint's flat bed trailer loaded with livestock panels, bow gates, a butt gate, wire and posts.

Hiding: Answers to a lot of big questions.

I know we have so much - a home, our health, food on the table, family, love, great jobs, and so much more.

More than most.

I know that - but still, still I was bitter. Worried. Frustrated.

And knowing I should be thankful for all of the things we do have instead of being resentful, just made me feel more frustrated.


But looking back on the week, as I compiled my Multitudes post, I realize again that there is much, much, much to be thankful for.

That it's probably ok to be a little frustrated. I guess that's what makes us human.

And that at the end of each day, I need to still be Seeking.


60. For (life) reminders like this one.

holy experience

61. A friend who takes time out of their day to run your errands. Or pick up your bulls.

62. Time spent cuddling sweet baby Royce.

63. Knowing royalty. Congratulations Princess Kylie!

64. A phone call Saturday night from Angie to let us know they had found sweet Katie.

65. Making the register.

66. News of friends coming to spend the weekend.

67. Cold sodas from the cooler.

68. Pressed and starched shirts - that weren't ironed by my hands.

69. Learning a new way to put in stitches.

70. A full gym.

71. A favorite song played on the radio twice in one day.

72. Fresh fruit salads.

73. Back rubs.

74. A great sister who knows when to call and what to say.

75. A safe trip home for my mom and Grandma and life goals checked off the list.

76. 6'' of snow and the wonderful (needed) moisture it brought Friday night.

77. A day spent branding at the Jensen's.

78. Five year old's imaginations.

79. For these creatures, and the fabulous way of life they allow us to lead.


  1. :) Life ... it's yours to make wonderful :)

    You've done a fine, fine job of seeing and realizing and embracing the good! Cheering you on & am so blessed by you!

  2. I Love this post...thanks for being YOU! And, the photos of two of my favorite 5 year olds...totally made me smile! Not to mention your cow shot :D Hope your week is filled with many Sweet blessings!


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