We're home from Nebraska.

It was wonderful last week to be caught up again in ranch life. Checking and feeding cows, corraling yearlings, doctoring, pulling calves, making bottles and being outside.

But we didn't get as many questions answered as we probably would have liked.

We're still working on scenarios, when we thought we'd be wrapping up paperwork.

Frustrating to not be sure of the "where" or the "when".

But we're absolutely sure of the "why".

I'm taking comfort in that and knowing that there's a plan out there for us.

We just not sure what it looks like yet.


holy experience

100. Windmills.

101. The repetition of ranch life.

102. The range and variety of ranch life.

103. Home cooking and new recipes learned.

104. Safe travels home.

105. The Murdock family - and their ability to pinch hit for us. Thanks again!

106. Country and hills seen by new eyes.

107. Scrambling when told "no" and the growth it brings.

108. Milkshakes and cheesecake with our niece and nephew.

109. Baby calves.

110. Sunshine and warm weather.

111. Conversations with my "seester".

112. Rest.

113. Warm words of kindness and love.

114. Daffodil blooms.

115. Garden seeds chosen.

116. Reminders of a simpler life.

117. Those who understand and encourage.

118. His courage to strike out on a new and unknown road.

119. Prayer.


  1. Praying you are surrounded by peace while you wait for HIS amazing plans for you and your Mr. to unfold! Sweet blessings!

    P.S. I soooo LOVE looking at your cow photos :D


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