Always enough.

No pictures today....

Just simple thoughts of thankfulness.

holy experience

140. Found out why the carrots in my carrot cake turned green - too much baking soda!

141. The unconditional love we receive every night from our two dogs.

142. $2 won.

143. Our small community.

144. Phone calls from friends.

145. Listening to Allison Krauss on the way home from work.

146. A full week finished.

147. Self confidence after highlights and a fresh cut.

148. "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks. Loved it. Felt it.

149. "Living Life God's Way" sermon Sunday.

150. Lessons in prayer.

151. Phone calls with family.

152. Exciting plans made to see The Pioneer Woman in Beaverton...want to come?

153. Clearance jeans.

154. A limeade after a long afternoon.

155. Finding just the right piece at Lucky Endz.

156. The full life we are privileged to lead.

157. My Worthington curvy fit dress pants...once again, saved the day!

158. Interviews granted.

159. An exciting path laid before us.


  1. Yes, I do want to come! :-)

  2. So smiling as I see all the ways God is blessing you :D Thanks for sharing...and may your Tuesday be bright in every way! Sweet blessings!

  3. Love you friend ... and I can't wait for Monday to get here. Can NOT wait. :)


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