A day late.

I'm a day late...

A dollar short...

Well, two. I caved into temptation and bought two lottery tickets at lunch today.

I blame it all on my boss.

With his winning streak, he'll probably end up the big winner.

Yesterday was crazy. But I love writing down my thankfulness from the week prior.


holy experience

120. Eastern Oregon weather. If you don't like it...wait 5 minutes.

121. Dinner with my mom & sister after a meeting in Portland.

122. Shopping at Costco with Paco & the "extra" items one can always find.

123. An evening to catch up with friends over friendly (competitive!) games of Bunco.

124. Meeting deadlines.

125. A day off to catch up on sleep, baking and laundry.

126. Checking heat in the morning light and the sweet memories it brought back.

127. Barb's Easter dinner. And "Thanksgiving" dinner the night before. Yum.

128. Celebrating Terry's birthday!

129. The convenience of having two pickups.

130. Another trip around the sun for Melly. Happy Birthday Mel....we love you!

131. Easter phone calls with family.

132. Jelly Belly sour gummy fish. So good. Sooooo goood.

133. Carrot cake cupcakes and green carrots.

134. Small wedding decisions made.

135. Applications mailed.

136. Days that fly by.

137. A well spent half hour at the chiropractor's.

138. Our health.

139. Our family & friend's health.


  1. You take totally amazing photos :D So smiling at your thankful list...and praying this week is filled with many, many Sweet blessings!

  2. That darn boss of yours is pretty dang lucky. It's only okay when I benefit because he buys me dinner! :-)

  3. #122 - Who's Paco?
    #134 - :)
    #137 - Me too!

    Love ya!

  4. I love that you're doing this :) Love it!

    And happy to be able to be someone who benefits from your friendship - I'm BLESSED because of you!

    Keep shining friend - you're a star!


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