Top 10.

So I can't exactly say that last week was the biggest week of my life....

But it was definitely in the top 10.

And I am so thankful and excited (and let's be honest here - a little scared) for all the new things coming are way.

But even more thankful for the many blessings we've already received.

We've loved this place...

Truly, and honestly enjoyed the life we have led here.

But a new road is rising to meet us.

And I'll definitely post more about what the next few months have in store later this week....

But first:

holy experience

160. Costco coupons in the mail.

161. The nicest phone calls wishing "good luck!".

162. Butterflies. Like Lorrie says, "That's when you know it really means something to you...when you get nervous before hand."

163. A confident interview.

164. A phone call at 12:30 pm saying "I think we're going to make your afternoon".

165. An afternoon (and dreams!) made.

166. The look on Clint's face when I told him the good news.

167. Best wishes.

168. Anticipation and excitement.

169. Sonic diet limeades.

170. Great conversations in the Camry on the way to Central Oregon.

171. Getting to see my brother's house he bought last year.

172. $4.67 jeans at Big R.

173. Family conversations.

174. A story I'll remember forever after shopping at Black House White Market.

175. Seeing my see-ster!

176. Altoids.

177. Sitting in the church pew next to my future husband.

178. A Sunday afternoon blissfully spent.

179. Excitement for a trip to see PW tonight!


  1. Your new adventure sounds like prayers-answered! Great to read that you're excited!! Best wishes and let us know where the route takes you (East...I assume).

  2. Hope you girls have the best Roadtrip to see PW...I can't wait to hear ALL the details :D Sweet blessings!

  3. We've had adventure after adventure ... loved that I got to spend some quality time with you ... and am going to MISS you like mad.

    Thank God we have blogs!!


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