For this mama....

Mother's Day came a day late.


Katie had her puppies Monday night.

7 little baby Border Collies.

6 Black & Whites


1 Red & White

The first thing Clint did when he saw the red & white one was to check if it was a female....we'd love to have a red female, but it's a cute little male instead.

And even though we swore we weren't going to keep one....

We're starting to waiver a bit! :)

(And when I say "we".... what I really mean is "me". They're so darn cute, it's killin' me!)


  1. Seriously, there is nothing cuter than a border collie puppy! I would want to keep them all!

  2. How fun and cute! From having a dog that had puppies honestly you get to attached to at least one to not keep it.

    Wow 7 is a lot!


  3. Oh my goodness.... EXCITING!! :) So ... are they Wizard's ?? :)

    I hope we get to see them sometime soon ... maybe we'll come for a visit!


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