Bull baggage.

We're trying to get ready to move.

And in our case, it's not the "house" stuff that we're worried about.

It's all the other stuff.

Water troughs.
The loading chute.
The squeeze chute.
Creep feeders.
Mineral feeders.
And a bull.

Let me clarify.

When we moved from Corvallis to Eastern Oregon, we did the move in two trips;

The first trip, RJ & Clint brought out all of the big furniture in RJ's stock trailer and a load of ag stuff on his flat bed.

The second trip, Clint & I hauled the rest of the ag stuff on RJ's flat bed, and then I packed the rest of our house stuff and a horse in the livestock trailer.

You heard me right - all of the house stuff (TV's, boxes, tables, chairs, clothes)...

And a horse.

And it's not like we just closed the divider and put the horse in the back section.

Because we didn't. That horse was loaded along with all of the other stuff.

We made it work (it seems like ranchers always do) - but I'm not saying I'd like to do it again.

So now we're getting ready to move to Nebraska, and our goal is to do it in one trip, using just our flat bed and our livestock trailer.

All of the house stuff in the livestock trailer - and all of the ag stuff on the flat bed.

But there's one small problem.

We still have this bull -

He was born in April of last year, so we didn't send him to the Lorenzen sale because he'd be too small.

We grained him along with Austin's MF steer, and he's as gentle as a baby.

And I'm pretty sure HE doesn't want to ride to Nebraska in the livestock trailer loaded with house stuff either.

So we're trying to get him sold...

And hoping he doesn't become bull baggage.


  1. I'm so not ready for you to leave. so NOT ready.

  2. I would so LOVE a red bull...but, I'm thinking my Mr. is still in Love with his Black Angus :(
    Praying your BULL finds just the right pasture to settle into :D Sweet blessings!


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