holy experience

220. New puppies.

221. A Crystal Apple award winner.

222. The annual Pilot Rock FFA Banquet.

223. A new crop of officers elected.

224. Celebrating success and the families that help make it happen.

225. A morning to sleep in.

226. A freshly mowed lawn.

227. A game of fetch with the dogs.

228. Holding hands.

229. Unexpected and welcomed surprises.

230. Home-made meals.

231. News of a new life forming.

232. Friendship.

233. Boxes and boxes saved for us.

234. Whispered I Love You's.

235. Jackpot judging.

235. Sonic Diet Limeades.

236. Seeing success at the Cowpoke Classic & the Shamrock Classic beef jackpot shows.

237. Dinner with friends, and the biggest pork chops ever - courtesy of Henrietta.

238. Eastern Oregon sunsets.

239. Open windows & cool night air.


  1. So thankful you have so much to be thankful for!

  2. Tell the girls congrats!! I see they are newly elected officers!! I hope they have had a great year!!


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