Puppies, rainbows & sunshine.

Last week it just poured and poured and poured.

And then it rained some more.

Drenching rain.

Ditches flooded.

Prayers answered.

Crops revitalized.

Renewed hope for farmers and ranchers.

And in our little part of Eastern Oregon, the rain wasn't the only thing to be thankful for last week.

holy experience

240. Recognizing the dedication of our Eastern Oregon teachers - award winners or not - they all deserve recognition.

241. Dodgeball tournaments.

242. Drenching rains.

243. The rainbows that shine through afterwards.

244. Visiting with friends at the Pendleton Farmer's Market.

245. Finding the dress, in my size, in only one store in Oregon.

246. My fabulous sister who just happens to work in the same city as that one store, and was willing to pick it up.

247. Bubbles, a blushing bride and a bonfire.

248. The beauty of Emigrant Springs Park - and sunlight at just the right moments.

249. Arnold Palmer's. (If you haven't tried one, they're pretty darn tasty - 3/4 iced tea, 1/4 lemonade)

250. A two man comedy team, kind of.

251. New friends made.

252. Sleeping in.

253. Playing with puppies. I know I've been putting up a lot of pictures, but they're so darn cute, I can't help it.

254. Visiting with Paul, and meeting Border, the collie.

255. Cherry Dilly Bars.

256. Naps.

257. Friends and french fries.

258. Freeway MPG's.

259. A new recipe - probably one for the wedding menu!


  1. Oh I bet you two are getting attached to at least one of those puppies!

    Glad your sister got the dress!

  2. I wonder what the recipe is?? :)

    and those puppies ... so stinkin' cute!!

    Great Rainbow picture too!

    Have a GREAT weekend in Central Oregon!

  3. Ohhhhhh those puppies are adorable...how do you keep from wanting to pick them all up all day long?!?! So smiling at your list of blessings! Sweet blessings!


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