With all of the things swirling around us...

It is so good to be still momentarily and remember...

All that we have to be thankful for.

holy experience

200. An office review finished!

201. Phone conversations with friends.

202. Cinco De Mayo celebrated (at home) with chips and Costco salsa (so good, even if it is organic) and a Bud Light with lime (these are like the official beer of summer in my book).

203. Coming home to open arms.

204. A dress chosen. Thanks (really!) everyone for leaving your thoughts!

205. A date chosen.

206. Beautiful sunsets.

207. Seeing my sister and her roommate Kirby this weekend.

208. Funny signs at The Rainbow.

209. A trailer load sent to the valley.

210. A smaller to-do list.

211. Fun "Save the Date" stamps purchased.

212. Shade on a sunny day.

213. Haystacks.

214. Getting to hang out with some great people and kids this weekend at the Milton-Freewater Junior Show.

215. Five generous community members who purchased five teenager's four pigs and one steer.

216. Home.

217. A good book - reading "No Eye Can See" by Jane Kirkpatrick.

218. Waking to pouring down rain.

219. Even better, hearing the rain reached most of the farmers in the area.


  1. It's been raining here too. Now if it only won't frost or make most of the newly branded area calves sick.

    I think I should live on the west coast I love the rainy days and most here grumble and groan about them!

    Love the stamps!!!

  2. the sign has me laughing ... and hooray for the dress decision! :)

    Have a GREAT week ... and I too enjoyed seeing Lindsay :)

  3. :) Over & over again I see all the sweet blessings God is sending your way! Hope your week is overflowing with many, many more! Sweet blessings!


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