These two weeks, while filled with many (many!) wonderful things have been trying.

Trying to manage my time.

Trying to meet deadlines.

Trying to hold my ground.

Trying not to be bossy.

Trying to see the bright side.

Trying not to get furious when people can't understand or keep up.

Trying not to be mean.

Trying to balance. Trying to juggle. Trying to be content.

A lot of things are going on right now, and they all seem to be colliding with one another.

And if I'm to be quite honest, I've been struggling.

Maybe my struggles haven't been apparent on the outside, but they've ruled on the inside.

But still, I have to remind myself (again, even as I type these words) that at the end of each day, and each week, I have much to be thankful.


holy experience

180. A memorable road trip to see the Pioneer Woman and friends that made it so.

181. Seeing the gloriousness of mud through a four year old's eyes.

182. New (soft turquoise!) sheets.

183. An emailed picture of my "new" office staff.

184. Getting swept away in "The Four Corners of the Sky".

185. Flower pens and a spring themed Bunko.

186. An afternoon nap.

187. Getting to spend an evening visiting with Clint and Tyler.

188. Soft, warm sunlight coming through my car window on my drive home last Thursday.

189. Starting "Through Painted Deserts" quote so far, "We are the sum of our days."

190. News of my sister coming this weekend.

191. Limeades and Diet 7-Up.

192. Cool (strong!) breezes blowing through my office window.

193. The look on a friend's face after delivering good news.

194. The Murdock's who welcome our visit even when life is happening all around.

195. Sending best wishes and love at Laura's bridal shower.

196. A sweet kiss good night.

197. Baby birds singing from their nest outside my office window.

198. The little yellow card in my post office box announcing the arrival of a package.

199. A reminder to give thanks anyway.


  1. A great give thanks anyway :D Sometimes, life just seems full of struggles...but, those rainbows in the end SO ARE always worth it :D Praying you a day filled with rainbows! Sweet blessings!

  2. yeah ... that post got me too ... and todays as well ...

    You're shining friend ... and I think this wind has blown bits of "trying" into all of our lives!

    Here's hoping things settle down quickly :)

    Hope your Tuesday has been successful!


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